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2006 Nov 6: 3rd public consultation on Portlands natural gas pipeline

On Wednesday, October 11, there was a second public consultation on what is being called a pipeline “reinforcement” for the line feeding the Portlands power plant (in reality a massive expansion, with a substantially larger pipe and increased pressure).  This meeting generated a far smaller crowd than the first and the following day, we learned why.  Most local residents received their notices regarding the event the day after it happened, including a number of Green supporters who contacted me.

Because of the number of public complaints, Stantec, the consulting company which is organizing these consultations, arranged for a third public consultation, and has just announced the date.     Read more »

2% threshold in Canada Elections Act ruled unconstitutional

The Green Party of Canada just won a battle over the threshold for receiving federal funding for political activities.  This was a courtcase initiated by former leader Jim Harris, and he writes about it in his blog.  This will result in a significant one-time payment to the Green Party of Canada for past discrimination, and will open the way for other small parties to grow.

2006 Nov 16: 2006 November PLAC meeting

At the next Port Lands Action Committee meeting we will be hearing from the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation and other groups.

Port Lands Action Committee meeting
Thursday, 2006 November 16 at 7pm 6pm.
Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St E

(just east of Broadview). Free.

All welcome.

Update 2006 November 14:

Please note the time change.  The meeting has been rescheduled to 6 pm instead of 7 pm.

2006 Nov 7: All-candidates meeting — 2006 Ward 30 Council

Here’s another conflict for the evening of November 7.  Apparently, several homeowners associations are finally organizing the first All-Candidates Meeting for Ward 30.  Wish I could be there.  I’d be delighted to get reports on this.  Please go out and clap for Ed.

All-Candidates Meeting.
Tuesday, 2006 November 7 at 7pm.
Matty Eckler Community Centre
(Gerrard at Pape). Free.

Update 2006 October 27

The flyer for this event has just been passed around and the list of topics is very near and dear to my heart:

  • Garbage incineration
  • Recreation programs
  • Bike lanes
  • Local involvement in planning decisions
  • Newcomer services
  • Childcare
  • Affordable housing
  • Portlands redevelopment
  • Community safety
  • “Big Box” stores
  • Local employment

The only thing I would add is immigrant voting.  I thought this was a bit of cleverness that only Ed and I were considering, but a few days ago, Mayor Miller said it too.

2006 Nov 21: 2006 Annual General Meeting

I’m about to start mailing announcements for the Annual General Meeting of our Toronto-Danforth Electoral District Association, but for anybody who’s reading this, please mark your calendar now.

Green Party of Canada Toronto-Danforth Electoral District Association Annual General Meeting.
Tuesday, 2006 November 21 at 7pm.
Frankland Community Centre, 816 Logan Ave

(just south of Danforth) Free.

As of November 21, I’m officially out of a job.  The entire executive will quit en masse and every job is up for grabs.  I highly recommend an executive position in the EDA.  It’s very rewarding, though the pay sucks.  We’ll need to fill the following positions:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Financial Agent
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Organizing Chair
  • Communications Chair

After our election, we’ll proceed to some local eatery, where you’ll be able to prod the executive with your suggestions for what they should do in the coming year.

Salmon in the Don again

Yesterday, I went to the Port Lands Action Committee (PLAC) meeting at the Ralph Thornton CentreEd Chin was there, too.  It’s a bit of a misnomer, as no actions are ever taken, as far as I know.  In order to encourage the participation and input of industry and builders, organizer Dennis Findlay treats these meetings as information sessions.  It’s a great place to go to find out what’s being built and planned for the Portlands.     Read more »

2006 Nov 7: ETCAG’s November meeting

The East Toronto Climate Action Group met on October 11, at Susan Crofts’s house, and I wrote into my blog that this happened on the second Wednesday every month at Susan’s house.  Well, at this meeting they decided that the next meeting would be on a Tuesday, and at Dave Toderick’s house.  Isn’t that a fine thing.  So here’s the info:

East Toronto Climate Action Group meeting.
Tuesday, 2006 November 7 at 7:30pm.
Dave Toderick’s house, 169 Logan Ave
(at Eastern Ave). Free.

I wish that I could be at the ETCAG meeting, but it turns out I’ve just been made the chair of the local Cabbagetown-Riverdale chapter of Amnesty International and they will be holding an event that evening about gay rights issues around the world, so I need to be there.

2006 Oct 23: Solar water heating at home info-session

Information session on adding solar water heating to your home presented by the Toronto Green Community.  I understand that unlike photovoltaics (solar panels), which generate electricity but can take years to pay off their investment, or never pay it off at all, solar hot water heating systems are often immediately economical.

Solar Water Heating at Home.
Monday, 2006 October 23 at 7 pm.
Northern District Library, 40 Orchard View Blvd

(west off Yonge, just north of Eglinton) Free.

RSVP or 416-781-7663.

2006 Nov 15: Next Green Drinks meeting

Looking up when the next Green Drinks meeting was yesterday, I discovered that I had missed it by a day.  On Wednesday I was out campaigning for Andrew James along Pape.  The next one is on November 15.  Since that’s 2 days after the municipal election, I should be available.

The Bedford AcademyGreen Drinks.
Wednesday, 2006 November 15 at 5:45pm to late.
Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur

(near Bloor St W & Avenue Rd, steps away from St George subway). Free.

A green paperclip event.

Stop climate chaos

There are UNFCCC (the Kyoto Protocol people) meetings in Nairobi this year.  Timed to coincide is an international day of action called Global Climate Campaign.  There will be a rally in front of City Hall.

Stop Climate Chaos.
Saturday, 2006 November 4 at 1pm.
Nathan Phillips Square.  Free.

A green paperclip event.

[Adriana spoke at this event.]