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2007 Apr 8: Easter egg hunt

Patricia Harris has generously offered to host an Easter egg-hunt and potluck. Please bring your families and especially any small humans you can find.

Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck
Sunday, 2007 April 8, 2 pm – 6 pm
Meet at Patricia’s house at 2 pm,
6 Four Oaks Gate

(near O’Connor and Don Mills Rd)

We’ll be going around the corner to Four Oaks Gate Park for the egg hunt at 3 pm.

2007 May 3: Elizabeth May lecture in Brantford

Elizabeth May will be speaking as part of Laurier Brantford’s Contemporary Studies External Speaker’s Series.

2007 May 3, 7 pm
Grace Anglican Church
15 Albion St, Brantford

What I read today (coming home on the TTC from YorkU)

Reason to support the Green Party, and confirmation of why we joined:

Business can provide meaning for workers and customers but not until it understands that the trust it undertakes and the growth it assumes are part of a larger covenant. As long as nature, children, women, and workers are abused by institutions espousing free-market theories, the real deficit will continue to grow — the difference between what business has taken and what it has returned, the difference between value added and value subtracted. For most people meaning is derived from just the opposite relationship, one in which one gives more than one takes, where one’s life is intrinsically bound to the promotion of the common good.

Wish I’d written the above. But I’m just the messenger.

DVP smog

Here’s a bit of background on why I joined the Green Party.  I moved into Riverdale in 2002 in part because our family was expanding with our infant son, newly arrived from Korea.  Just after we moved in, little Loren developed a rasp in his voice that concerned me.  He sounded a bit like my asthmatic eldest son had sounded when we adopted him in Brazil many years ago and before we were able to treat him.  In Loren’s case, the rasp was minor and disappeared over time, but I was not surprised to hear that the air in Riverdale is bad.  Toronto’s air is the worst in the country, with the most annual smog days by far, but Riverdale’s air is bad even by Toronto’s standards.

Which is really unfair.     Read more »

Second PEC CLC meeting doesn’t even happen

I’m back from the PEC CLC meeting, which I was late to and so missed the fireworks.     Read more »