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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

And please consider voting Green if you live in any of the ridings that’s having a by-election.

Young Chris Tindal had a farm

Chris Tindal is a clever boy.  He’s planned a whole urban community with its own farm.  It recycles its water and generates part of its energy needs.  It is a living machine, as communities should be.  The entire community would replace the armoury buildings in Moss Park.  I would vote for the boy, if I still lived in Toronto-Centre.  And if you do live in Toronto-Centre, you have an opportunity to do so on Monday.

Ontario’s nuclear plans

I hoped the coming energy revolution was going to be a whole lot more exciting than this.  This is more of the same, only bigger.  More atoms to split, more energy produced, bigger transmission lines.  Also more cost overruns, more nuclear waste, higher risks of accidents, more expensive energy.  Big, BIG, BIG.  This isn’t revolutionary, it’s stupefying.     Read more »

Ask the Province to intercede in the Eastern Ave SmartCentre

Thanks to Rebecca Renwick for bringing this to my attention.

The East Toronto Community Coalition is encouraging everyone to write to Ontario’s minister of Municipal Affairs, the Honourable Jim Watson, to request that the Province intercede in the Eastern Avenue SmartCentre proposal.  Please see a sample letter here.

Toronto Greens public statement on fighting gun crime

HandgunWhile Canada has a low incidence of gun crime, Toronto has had recent problems with gun fatalities, including some affecting uninvolved bystanders. It’s time to tackle this issue. Toronto Greens recommend a three-prong approach of strong gun control, strong enforcement and strong prevention measures.     Read more »