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Corporate welfare

A clever site called People for Corporate Tax Cuts does a brilliant job of highlighting the impact on Canadians of a corporate tax cut.  Although it’s designed for an Ontario audience, it works well at all levels of government.  Governments only have so much money.  If they cut the corporate tax rate, either they have to increase the tax burden on individuals, or they have to cut services.  This might make sense if we had outrageous corporate tax rates that made it difficult for businesses to compete in a global economy, but that’s not the case.  Corporate tax cuts are just welfare for the rich.

Planning cities for the young and old

A few years ago, Elizabeth May said that we need to plan cities around the child, instead of around the car.  There’s now a movement around 8-80 cities that calls on cities to be planned with two groups of people in mind – 8 year olds and 80 year olds.  The theory is that if you take care of the young and old, the able-bodied in between will be able to look after themselves.  It’s a compassionate approach to community building with the goal of safe streets, local economies and cohesive neighbourhoods, rather than maximum mobility.  And it’s very much at the heart of what the Green Party is all about.

2011 Mar 22: Budget date confirmed

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2011 Mar 24: Confidence vote?

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Election date

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