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May in your house

The story of Elizabeth May and the Green Party in 30 minutes.

Ma maman est dans L’Express

Le journal francophone L’Express a interviewé plusieurs candidats politiques qui se présentent contre des chefs de partis.  Ma mère, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, figure entre eux.

L'Express: l'hebdo des francophone du Grand Toronto

Gagner une élection n’est jamais très facile, mais gagner une élection contre le chef d’un grand parti est encore moins facile. Imaginez ceux qui se présentent contre Stephen Harper en Alberta, combien de chances ont-ils de gagner? Peu, je vous l’accorde. À Toronto, les chefs du Parti libéral et du Nouveau Parti démocratique se présentent respectivement dans les circonscriptions d’Étobicoke-Lakeshore et Toronto-Danforth. L’Express a rencontré trois candidats qui osent jouer les troubles-fêtes dans les circonscriptions des chefs.

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2011 Apr 26: Toronto-Danforth 2011 all-candidates debate on Rogers TV

Update:  Click here to learn about the provincial debate.

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu at Rogers TV all-candidates debate

If you are a Rogers customer, you can now watch the televised Toronto-Danforth all-candidates debate, moderated by Dale Goldhawk, online.     Read more »

Democracy watch gives Green Party the best grade for ethics reforms

Democracy Watch - Démocratie-en-surveillance

From the CBC news article:

Elizabeth May’s Green Party scores best of the five major parties on promised government ethics reforms, advocacy group Democracy Watch says.     Read more »

Video of the Toronto-Danforth federal all-candidates debate, 2011

Update:  Click here for the provincial debate.

Candidates at Toronto-Danforth debate

The debate is just ending now, but Chris Tolley is already sending out his photo of his video of the proceedings.  As campaign manager, I get to hold fort at the office, anxious to hear how it went.

Update:Chris Tolley’s raw video is below:

Water and leadership

Adriana talks about the importance of water, the environment and strong leadership on these issues.

Sierra Club report card 2011

Part of what moved Adriana to the Green Party was an NDP canvasser who came to our door and told us that the NDP was greener than the Green Party.  Seemed like a bold assertion, and some simple research proved it to be false.

A diverse set of candidates

Here are Adriana’s answers from the Mirror newspaper’s questionnaire article on Toronto-Danforth candidates:

Andrew Lang (Liberal), Jack Layton (NDP); Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu (Green), Katarina von Koenig (Conservative).

1) How will Toronto benefit from your party’s platform?

The Green Party has received the endorsement of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for the second time in two elections. Our platform has an outstanding and innovative collection of programs that help cities rebuild infrastructure toward a low-carbon future, build future oriented industries, develop skills for our youth and give them jobs, as well as maximizing local community input.     Read more »

Three Brazilian Portuguese interviews

Update:  Now with English subtitles:

Here’s one of three Portuguese-language interviews Adriana’s done during this campaign.     Read more »

2011 Apr 28: New start time for Toronto-Danforth all-candidates debate

Update:  You can watch the debate here.

The all-candidates debate will run from 8pm to 9pm on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at the United Church on the north-west corner of Pape and O’Connor. Find out more about the debate here.  Adriana will be there from 7pm to meet and greet.