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Toronto Greens at Pride

Join the Toronto Greens contingent – featuring Elizabeth May and Mike Schreiner – at the Pride Festival parade on Sunday, July 3!

What: Pride Parade
When: Sunday, 2011 July 3, 1:30pm
Where: outside the Green Party of Ontario office, 14 Isabella Ave (just east of the Artful Dodger)

We will be meeting around noon. The parade begins at 2pm. We want a big group of Greens demonstrating our pride in our longstanding commitment to LGBT rights.

The parade is fun, noisy and wet. We will have a hand drum band, bubbles, water guns and a big green flag.  Please plan on wearing a Green t-shirt (see below).     Read more »

Elizabeth on Bonn climate negotiations

Elizabeth May confronts the government on its twisting of reality in her first press conference as an MP, pointing out that the world demands a continuation of Kyoto.

One Green is worth 16 Conservatives

I have often thought of reversing the way that proportional representation is calculated and applying it to the MPs already in Parliament.

The one Green seat represents almost 580,000 votes.  166 Conservative seats represent 5.8 million votes.  So while each Conservative MP represents just over 35,000 voters, Elizabeth May represents 580,000.

Therefore one Green is worth 16 Conservatives.     Read more »

Elizabeth on removing per-vote subsidy

Elizabeth’s question regarding the budget was smart.  Watch the Conservative member avoid the question.  He does not answer why the government perversely chose to trim the most democratic and fair form of public finance for political parties.  The Conservatives like the subsidies that give rich people the majority of their money back when they contribute to political parties, but would deny the funding that goes to parties people vote for even when they can’t afford to contribute.

You can get a good explanation of what is going on here.

One brave Green supports Canadians who question continued military engagement in Libya

I have never been prouder to be a Green.  Bravo to Elizabeth, the only member of Parliament who refused to support the escalation of war in Libya.

Wide agreement that energy must be expensive

Today, Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller slammed the Liberals for cutting hydro bills by ten percent, identifying the measure as a perverse subsidy.  He stated:

The problem with the 10 per cent (cut) is it means the people who use the most energy get the most money back and that is a disincentive, a perverse incentive.  It rewards and encourages increased consumption.

He then went on to criticize both the NDP and Conservatives for pledging to remove the HST from hydro bills.     Read more »

Bill McKibben’s alarming new video

If you watch through to the end of this short video, it covers why I entered politics. What is now at stake is food security, water security, and the ability to deliver the fundamentals of decent civil society. All of these are already stressed and becoming more so. Concerns about things like gas prices, while important in our current state of addiction, nonetheless need to be contextualized in a world of threats that are far, far greater.

More nuclear woes

The news from Japan keeps getting worse.  Now it is reported that not only did the reactor core melt down, not only did it breach the pressure vessel, but it now appears that the material has penetrated the reactor building itself and seeped into the ground.  That is close to the worst case scenario.  Clean-up costs are now estimated at $250 billion, and that will not bring things back to normal.  It will still mean living with elevated cancer rates, particularly in Japan, but spreading all over the world.  And Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has asked to close Hamaoka, another nuclear power plant that has been deemed not to be earthquake safe.

All of the costs for this disaster are being borne by the public.  The Japanese government will absorb all the costs of clean-up, relocation and health impacts.  Governments throughout the world will also be paying for the elevated health care costs arising from the increased rates of cancer in their countries.  These will continue for many decades.  Every other form of power generation is self-insuring.  The nuclear industry clearly does not deserve this free ticket as nuclear power is inherently dangerous.

Canada harshly criticized at climate negotiations in Bonn

Even Canada’s traditional allies like Australia tore into our report to the UN, pointing out that our reporting, our goals and the measures taken to attain these goals were all hopelessly inadequate.  They also charged that Canada is ignoring the elephant in the room, the tar sands, which are a large and growing proportion of our emissions.

Ontario NDP joining Jack Layton to help roast the planet and hurt the poor

About a week after the election, I wrote what I worried might be too strident a post and finally published it now.  Someone has to hold the NDP accountable.  Their climate policy is possibly the worst of all parties, as they continually find creative new ways to subsidize fossil fuels.     Read more »