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2011 Sep 21: Ontario advance polls open

Wednesday, 2011 September 21 to Friday, September 30
10 am to 8 pm at your returning office

As soon as the election is called, you’ll be able to take advantage of the advance polls to cast your vote. The places and dates for the advance polls will be listed on your Notice of Registration Card that you’ll receive in the mail, or you can use Elections Ontario’s online application.

Ontario advance polls close

Wednesday, September 21 to Friday, 2011 September 30
10 am to 8 pm at your returning office     Read more »

Ontario election day

Thursday, 2011 October 6, 9 am to 9 pm

If you are qualified to vote and your name is on the Voters List, Elections Ontario will mail you a Notice of Registration Card that lists your voting location on election day, plus the dates, times and locations for advanced voting.     Read more »

Tim Whalley’s deputation at City Hall

Broken link:

Tim’s statement on local arts and youth engagement at City Hall as part of the Toronto 300.

Tim Whalley — bio and priorities

Tim Whalley has been chosen by the local riding association to represent the Green Party of Ontario in the 2011 provincial elections.  Voting day is October 6.

Tim is the executive director of Scarborough Arts and actively works with a broad range of organizations, stakeholders and residents to enrich the community and make it more liveable.  He holds a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Toronto, and has taught at the university level and served on a number of boards of directors.  Tim lives in the Greenwood / Gerrard neighbourhood with his teacher wife and their infant child.  He is a member of local organizations such as the Toronto Environmental Alliance and Toronto Cyclists Union.     Read more »

Condolences to Jack Layton’s family

Toronto-Danforth Greens extend their sympathy to Jack Layton’s family and to his NDP family and supporters.  Jack will always be remembered in this community as a tireless fighter, a passionate spokesperson, a man who loved Canada and inspired everyday heroes.

Support climate activists opposing Keystone XL pipeline for tarsands oil

Update: Read Patricia’s first-hand report.

Patricia Warwick mugshot for Tar Sands ActionToronto-Danforth resident and climate activist Patricia Warwick was just arrested in Washington D.C. while opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, which is to allow for the expansion of tar sands operations in Canada.  President Obama is to reject or approve the plan later this year.

The “mug shot” photo was taken by the group Tar Sands Action.  And here she is at the protest, in the red behind the sign, in a big sun hat:

A dozen of the the nearly fifty people arrested that day

Patricia’s arrest was covered in the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen [new link], where she was quoted as saying,     Read more »

2011 Aug 22: Ontario Green Party candidate nomination meeting

Monday, 2011 August 22, 7pm
Pape Library, 701 Pape Ave, upstairs meeting room

All candidates to be Toronto-Danforth candidate

On Monday, 2011 August 22, the Green Party of Ontario’s Toronto-Danforth Constituency Association selects its candidate for the upcoming Ontario general election on 6 October.     Read more »