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2009 Apr 21: Nomination meeting

This is a reminder that the meeting to nominate a Green Party candidate for the next federal election is being held:

Federal Candidate Nomination Meeting
Tuesday, 2009 April 21, 7 pm (1 hour)
Pape/Danforth Public Library (2nd floor meeting room)
701 Pape Ave (just south of Danforth on east side)

You are eligible to vote if you have been a member of the Green Party of Canada for 60 days prior to the nomination meeting. But all are welcome to attend and otherwise participate. See you there!

2008 Dec 18: 2008 Annual General Meeting

You are invited to attend the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association’s 2008 Annual General Meeting.

We will be reviewing last year’s accomplishments vis a vis our 2008 business plan, electing a new executive* and discussing plans for the next year as we continue to build the Association and prepare for the next federal election (whenever it may be).     Read more »

2008 Oct 14: Election-night party

Dear Green Party Volunteers,

I’m so sorry for the late invite. We’ve been a little busy at the campaign office these last few days ensuring that your hard work during this campaign turns into vote after vote after vote.

Please join us and a whole bunch of Greens from across Toronto at Supermarket in Kensington Market to watch the returns and let us thank you for a job very well done.     Read more »

Jack Layton’s empty seat

An empty chair for Jack Layton at the all-candidates debateAn empty chair represents Jack Layton, who didn’t show up at his own all-candidates debate last night.  Citytv reports on the feelings of local residents.

Jack Layton's empty seat at all-candidates debate

NDP leader stifles democracy … again

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 7, 2008 –Jack Layton, who only four weeks ago tried to deny the people of Canada the opportunity to see and hear Elizabeth May in the televised leaders’ debates, is again attempting to stifle democracy by refusing the attend his own all-candidate’s debate.     Read more »

Vote for tomorrow

The official Green Party of Canada election platform was released today to wide acclaim by Elizabeth May at a news conference.

Read the 8-page document (large type) for yourself. You can find it here… Looking Forward: A Fresh Perspective on Canada’s Future (

Sharon Howarth and Elizabeth May

Sharon Howarth and Elizabeth MayElizabeth May and Sharon Howarth
Sharon at Elizabeth’s September 12 media conference.

About Sharon Howarth

Sharon Howarth was the Toronto-Danforth candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the 40th Canadian federal election (in 2008).  The Green candidate for the 41st general election (2009?) is Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu.     Read more »

2008 May 22: Status report from the East Toronto Community Coalition

Girl blowing bubblesPlease Join Us at the OMB, 655 Bay St., on Wednesday May 21st and Thursday May 22nd at 10:00am to show Smart!Centres and Vice Chair McKenzie that this community does not need or want a Mega-Shopping Centre.

OMB Smart!Centre Hearings
Wednesday & Thursday, 2008 May 21 & 22, 10 am
Ontario Municipal Board, 655 Bay St

Here is a brief outline, from the City’s lawyer, as to how the hearing will proceed….     Read more »

2008 Sep 19: Green Party of Canada convention postponed due to election

The convention has been canceled, and will be rescheduled.  During an election, a convention in Elizabeth May’s riding would count as a campaign event, and its cost would exceed the whole of the budget allowed by Elections Canada for a campaign.

Green Party LogoUpdate:  Both the location and the date of the convention has changed to accommodate the upcoming by-elections on September 8.  The convention will now be held in Pictou, Nova Scotia on September 19-21.  Please join us.     Read more »