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Greens have never supported any Portlands power plant

I’ve been approached by several people recently with stories about what Peter Tabuns said at the all-candidates debate on Tuesday night.  While I wasn’t there to hear exactly what was said, it is clear that something he said gave people the impression that the Greens supported a power plant on the Portlands.  This impression is false.     Read more »

Wind energy — Is the price too high?

This video from the Daily Show shows why it’s important to get our electricity by splitting atoms and setting things on fire.

The PEC threat

The Portlands Energy Centre is rapidly rising on the waterfront.  It is already an eyesore.  The question now is if it will operate and how often.  Torontonians are going to have to be a lot more vocal and active if they don’t want another power plant belching emissions into our overburdened airshed.     Read more »

PEC committee walkout / transmission line woes

The Portlands Energy Centre Community Liaison Committee effectively fell apart because the PEC representatives never allowed it to have any impact on the things they promised to do.     Read more »

All-in-one update from a sicko

I’ve been trying to get my house in order after burning myself out on Power to Choose, but I’m pretty worn out and prone to feeling ill instead. There is also still a lot of follow-up work with Power to Choose, including fora in other locations and editing and compiling the information gathered. And soon we’re about to announce another nomination meeting.

But I wanted to let everyone know the highlights from last week. I’m going to do a special entry about the Pride Parade, which I wish I would have written about a long time ago. I also want a special entry about the Portlands Energy Centre CLC walkout. Here’s the rest of the news:     Read more »

2007 Jul 11: Energy and the Ontario provincial election

The following is in many ways a follow-on to the Power to Choose event.

The future of clean, green energy will be decided by the winner of the October 10, 2007 provincial election.

Plug in with other Toronto activists at a community meeting on:

Wednesday, 2007 July 11, 6 pm – 8 pm
Riverdale Library
(Broadview and Gerrard)

Get in the conversation at

For more info, email

2007 Jun 23: Power to Choose

Power to Choose logoDalton McGuinty came out with an energy plan last year, but never had any consultations about it.  Adriana thought there should be some consultations.  So here they are.  [Watch the Power to Choose videos on YouTube.]

Come to express opinions, share knowledge and discuss strategies to create a sustainable, safe, clean and affordable energy plan for Ontario.  We deserve a say in our energy future.

Power to Choose (Toronto)
Citizens Forum on Ontario’s Energy Future
Saturday, 2007 June 23, 9 am  – 5:30 pm
Metro Hall, 55 John Street, room 308/309

Attend all or part of this important free event.

Sponsored by Greenpeace, WWF and EvolutionGreen.

2007 Apr 16: Tell the City what you want at the mouth of the Don — finalists

As part of the City’s Innovative Design Competition for Toronto’s Lower Don Lands, four teams have been selected as finalists for the competition. This will decide the future of the western part of the Portlands, and I recommend that everyone go and comment on it.

The dramatic changes proposed are a reflection of the tireless efforts of concerned citizens from Toronto-Danforth and around the city not to settle for a simple cosmetic change, but instead to develop a more natural river mouth with substantial wetlands.

Their proposals were presented at an exhibition launch and public forum Monday night. There is some discussion and a lot of pictures on Spacing Wire. For full information, or to submit comments, see the complete exhibition at BCE Place. The exhibition runs until Wednesday, April 25, but comments need to be submitted by this Friday, April 20.

Alternately, go to Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation or send them email at by April 20.

Lower Don Lands Design Competition Exhibition
2007 April 16 – 25
Allen Lambert Galleria, BCE Place, 181 Bay St

2007 Apr 24: Nuclear plan transmission line?

I’ve just received a flyer from the oranges. (New nickname for NDP — note oranges are not local, therefore unsustainable.)

Next Tuesday there will be a public meeting regarding the proposed transmission line into the Portlands. (Note again, who did NOT oppose the Portlands, simply advocated a lower capacity? Oranges.)

What shocked me though, was not the shameless self-promition. (I think we’re all used to that by now). But rather the ending sentence:

There are better sustainable options to building more nuclear and high voltage transmittion lines.

Though this could be confusing just to me, since I am ESL, it sounds like they are saying there is a sustainable way to get nuclear? Perhaps it is just bad wording.

I definitely plan to attend the discussion to get clear on the issue. I hope it will be more than just a case of NIMBYism in order to “green” themselves.

Deborah Coyne, PEC and Kyoto

Deborah Coyne has been nominated as the Liberal Party candidate in Toronto-Danforth for the next federal election.  Her nomination speech, in which she expressed her support for the Portlands Energy Centre, has me quite worried that a Dion-led Liberal government won’t be any better than a Martin-led Liberal government at addressing climate change.     Read more »