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COP16 — And the news is…

Patricia is going to get the President’s new text, just available hot off the press in the Azteca building here at the Moon Palace in Cancun.

Outside, some 50 young people are counting in unison.  Some are crying.  They are counting the dead.  21,000 annual deaths from climate change now, a number destined to climb right along with the temperatures.  We desperately, desperately need some good news.

[Adriana is blogging from the UN climate change negotiations in Cancun, in an attempt to keep the Canadian delegation honest.]

Environmental debate post-mortem

I just attended the depressing mayoral debate on the environment, sponsored by the Toronto Environmental Alliance.     Read more »

Canada’s climate calendar

This evening I attended the launch of Canada’s climate calendar.  It’s an interactive tool you can see online which compares Canada’s per-capita emissions with those of other countries in the world.  It is horrifying.     Read more »

Well that didn’t take long

Last week, I attended a speech by former Governor General Ed Schreyer, who predicted that the moratorium on deep-sea drilling would be shortlived – embraced briefly while attention focused on the devastation of the gulf but enduring only to the time that fuel prices began increasing again.     Read more »

2009 Dec 3: Earth 2100 film screening

JustEarth and the East Toronto Climate Action Group are co-sponsoring a documentary film screening:

Earth 2100 — the Final Century of Civilization?
Thursday, 2009 December 3, 7 pm
South Riverdale Community Health Centre
955 Queen St East
(between Pape and Carlaw)

About the film and forum from the sponsors:     Read more »

Humanity on the move due to climate

According to a study jointly co-authored by researchers at Columbia University‚Äôs Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), the United Nations University and CARE International, the stresses of climate change could create 700 million refugees by 2050.  That’s about 20 times the entire population of Canada desperately searching for a new home.  40 countries may cease to exist altogether.

Watch “Home” and be inspired

While canvassing today, I met a nice man who recommended this site and movie to me.  I just watched it.  It sort of languishes lovingly over primarily aerial images of tremendous beauty, both natural and man-made, while soaring music plays in the background and frightening assessments are made about our climate, our energy sources, and our ability to feed and water humanity.  It ends with a worried but uplifting message of hope.  It’s well worth the hour and a half.

Harper fiddling while the world burns

We thought it was bad enough that Prime Minister Harper planned only to achieve 2% emission reductions by 2020 below 1990 levels while the rest of the Kyoto signatories among developed countries were negotiating in the 25-40% range.  It was worse that a number of environmental organizations, economists, and even the government’s own Environmental Commissioner doubted that Prime Minister Harper’s plans could even achieve his own woefully inadequate goal.  Now Environment Minister Jim Prentice suggests we’re going to scrap any action for a few years.  We’re waiting for Obama, it seems.  Until our neighbours say “Jump!”, it’s apparently too difficult to implement the “Made in Canada” solution that our Prime Minister insisted on.     Read more »

The increasing devastation of climate change

There was more grim news on the impacts of climate change yesterday.  A new study from the Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF), a group headed by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, estimates that climate change now kills 315,000 people annually.  This is an increase from a previous World Health Organization estimate of 150,000 deaths per year.     Read more »

Global warming worse than thought

On this first smog day this spring in Toronto, there’s grim news on the climate.     Read more »