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2022 Provincial Candidate: Marcelo Levy

Marcelo Levy is stepping up to tackle the climate crisis while ensuring economic growth and access to social programs for the residents of Toronto—Danforth.

2021 Sep 12: All-candidates meeting

Maryem Tollar will participate in an all-candidates meeting hosted by East End United Regional Ministry and Danforth Jewish Circle.

2021 Candidate: Maryem Tollar

Toronto-Danforth candidate Maryem Tollar cares deeply about the climate crisis and that is what motivated her to join the Green Party.

2019 Candidate: Chris Tolley

My name is Chris Tolley and I been an active member of the Green Party of Canada for close to ten years. I have been a member of the Toronto-Danforth Executive since 2011, and have been the President of the Toronto-Danforth Greens for the past 4 years.

Meet the candidates

The Applegrove Community Complex is hosting the only all-candidates meeting in Toronto-Danforth for the 2018 Ontario election.