Toronto-Danforth candidates for 2011

2011 October 6 provincial election

Candidates in the 2011 October 6 provincial election, in reverse alphabetical order of family name, because that puts Tim Whalley first:

  • Tim Whalley, Green Party of Ontario.
  • Stéphane Vera, Freedom Party of Ontario.
  • Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP/NPD.
  • Marisa Sterling, Ontario Liberal Party.
  • John Richardson, Canadians’ Choice Party.
  • John Christopher Recker, Ontario Libertarian Party.
  • Rita Jethi, PC Party of Ontario.
  • Kevin Clarke, The People

Elections Ontario logo 2011The Elections Ontario website has the official list of registered candidates.

2011 May 2 federal election

Candidates in the 2011 May 2 federal election, in alphabetical order of given name, because that puts Adriana first:

  • Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Green Party of Canada.
  • Andrew Lang, Liberal Party of Canada.
  • Jack Layton, New Democratic Party.
  • Katarina Von Koenig, Conservative Party of Canada, remains a bit of a mystery.
  • Marie Crawford, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada.

The Elections Canada website has the official list of registered candidates.

3 responses to “Toronto-Danforth candidates for 2011”

  1. Kris Scheuer writes:

    Katarina Von Koenig is the official Toronto Danforth Conservative candidate. Originally I had mistakenly posted it as Kevin Moore but of course he is running for the Conservatives in Toronto Centre.

  2. Andrew writes:

    When is the all-candidates debate?

  3. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    We don’t know; we’ve asked those that have organized all-candidates debates in the past.

    In 2005, there were two all-candidates debates scheduled, that where then combined into one to ease scheduling. When Jack Layton said that he would not attend, the Liberal’s star candidate, Deborah Coyne, said that if Jack were not there, she would not be there. The Green Party candidate, Al Hart, promised to attend but no debate was held.

    In 2008, the organizers adjusted the date to fit into Jack Layton’s schedule. Though they believed that they confirmed his attendance, news reports had him attending an event in another province that day. When Peter Tabuns was sent to take his place that evening, a vote from the crowd rejected him as a substitute, as recorded in this CityNews video. The debate went on without him.

    In 2011, Adriana’s campaign challenges Jack to attend a debate in his own riding for the first time in three elections.

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