Andrew James’ campaign website

2010 update:  This post dates to 2007.  Andrew James, current President of the Toronto-Danforth Green Party of Ontario riding association, is running for Toronto City Council in Ward 30.

Andrew James Andrew James, our Financial Agent and City Council candidate for Ward 29, also has a campaign website, thanks in part to local Green supporter Anthony Lucic.

See both Andrew and Ed tomorrow (Friday, October 14, 2006) at the Pledge TO Green event at City Hall Council Chambers 11:30am-3:00pm.

3 responses to “Andrew James’ campaign website”

  1. kathleen howes writes:

    I can’t get into Andrew James’ website

  2. kyla dixon-muir writes:

    your webpage lists “See both Andrew and Ed tomorrow, at …” but no date. (?)

    Website information that YOU post, about yourself and your initiatives, should ALWAYS include: Day of the Week; Date/Month/YEAR.

    It’s Wednesday 28 July 2010 as I view your post for the first time. I came to this page by current postcards delivered physically to our home address by Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu. Other comments on this web page are dated October 2006. (???)

    Yeah, I know caps are like hollering: and I emphasize: why leave out of date information posted? Why post information saying “join us tomorrow” on a website/blog as opposed to in a targeted email?…

    The internet is set to become the biggest ‘traffic jam’ ever un-envisualized with this type of mis-use…

  3. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    You’re right; I’ve added the date to the sentence as you suggested. The date was, of course, always visible on the line just below (“Posted by Adriana on 2006 Oct 13”).

    This was in the early days of this website / blog, and we’ve gotten more careful in the time since. We try to avoid mentioning dates except special event posts, where we try to follow a standard format including a bolded date line. Here’s a recent example:

    We’re loathe to delete information of archival interest, but we do need to make sure it’s clear when it’s dated. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind as we revamp the website’s format.

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