Day 5: My registration papers are in

Didn’t have a computer with me last night so I’m updating now.  My husband and campaign manager has had back problems for the last week so moving is painful.  He’s also averaged four hours of sleep a night through this time.  But he’s working full time on the campaign.

I registered in the morning.  Everything seems to be in order but as of last night I was not yet confirmed.  It takes time.  Everything takes time.  Thanks to Clara who dragged herself out of bed early to spend the day helping me out.

I was part of a panel of speakers in the evening at the Post Carbon Toronto AGM.  Somehow I was also elected back onto the Executive as well.  The office is looking great and working better and better.  Materials should be coming in soon.  Jo’s daughter Meghan decorated the window display and Charlie says the team had a fabulous meeting last night while I was out at my talk.

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