Get a chocogram for your valentine

Email me to have a chocogram bicycled to your door on Valentine’s day:

  • Chocolate sunflower sprout hearts $2
  • Oaxaca Crunch $5/90g

Michael Sacco of Choco Sol on Bathurst makes chocolate food, not candy. His business grew out of a time he spent in Mexico, helping to organize inter-community trade relationships. His chocolates are fairly traded, organically grown and locally manufactured with the cacao beans ground by bicycle power. The powder and butter are never separated. Many of his chocolates are sweetened with agave nectar, and are diabetic safe. I’ve tried them and they’re delicious.

For Valentines Day he’ll be making chocolate-covered sunflower sprouts in a heart shape for $2 each (sunflowers are the Green Party symbol). These must be eaten on Valentine’s Day as the sprouts wilt. If you want something that will last a few days, you can order his Oaxaca Crunch chocolate, $5 for a 90g package.

I have some friends who are willing to deliver these chocolates by bicycle (unless there’s a snowstorm, in which case I’ll have to make alternate arrangements). You need to put in your order to by Wednesday Feb 7.

Get some for your kids, your mom, your brother, your neighbour.

2 responses to “Get a chocogram for your valentine”

  1. Nancy writes:

    Do you know which brand of agave Michael Sacco is using? I’m reading a lot about agave’s which have been adulterated and are no longer safe for diabetics. They get a lot of their GI testing in foreign countries where they don’t adhere to common standards. I need to be extremely careful in regards to this. Thanks for your time.

  2. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    I just spoke to Michael. The agave nectar he is using is packed by Shandiz Natural Foods in Mississauga and has a 100% organic seal. If you’re not confident with that source, you’ll be heartened to know that Michael is also working on developing his own agave source from Mexico that will be traded with criteria similar to those he has for cacao, so we’ll have even better chocolates for Christmas. If you have any other questions, call Michael at 416-535-0777.

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