Introducing Andrew and Ed

2010 update:  This post dates to 2007.  Andrew James, current President of the Toronto-Danforth Green Party of Ontario riding association, is running for Toronto City Council in Ward 30.

His campaign website is

Andrew JamesEd Chin This evening a very small group gathered at Riverdale Library to meet two candidates for City Council, Andrew James running in Ward 29, and Edward Chin, running in Ward 30. It was a calm and relaxing evening, with a lot of advice being offered about what to focus on and what to avoid.  I’ll be offering my endorsement to both of them, and lobbying the Green community to pitch in to help these guys.

One encouraging sign is that I ran into Robin Green of the Beaches EDA at the Big Carrot, where I was stocking up on organic snacks for tonight’s event.  He was prancing around in full bicycle wear, those lovely black skin-tight legging things, yellow jacket and helmet in hand, and offered financial support for anyone who opposed Case Ootes, the incumbent in Ward 29 who has declared he will eliminate bike lanes in his ward as part of his election platform.

I brought my camera for the first time, and Charlie took these pictures.  If I can remember to keep bringing it, perhaps we’ll liven up the blog.

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