Nomination speech, part 1

Here’s the first part of the speech I made at the nomination meeting where I was chosen as the 2011 Green Party of Ontario candidate for Toronto-Danforth. I made some last-minute edits in pen, so there will be a slight delay before I post the rest.

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you and to tell you a little bit about myself in order to help you make an important decision for the riding of Toronto-Danforth. As you make your decision, please consider my past experiences – I currently manage a not-for-profit organization that has grown considerably over the last few years, I have valuable experience in fundraising, organizational and financial management, have taught at the university level, volunteered for the Green Party of Canada and am involved with a number of local environmental and sustainable organizations and groups.

As a new father of a three month old boy, the decision to put my name up for nomination was one I considered carefully. While I may lack sleep in the election season, however, I won’t lack a passion to bring changes in Ontario that will make my new son’s future better.  I have made many personal choices – including becoming a vegetarian, starting a vegetable garden and relying on an aging bike and TTC for transportation – that I hope will reduce my carbon footprint and allow me to live a healthy and productive life. These achievements and values speak to my commitment, passion and work ethic – all attributes I look forward to bringing to the election campaign.

I am also most proud to call the riding of Toronto-Danforth home. Toronto-Danforth is a very environmentally progressive riding, with initiatives such as local Farmers’ Markets, the Carbon Neutral Riverdale initiative and the Leslieville Tree Project, and residents here are committed to sustainability, social justice and global responsibility. I am excited by the prospect of working with communities across the Province to foster projects like these to make Ontario a leader in energy and food policy, green and clean technology and sustainable transportation systems.

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