2009 Jun 16: Portlands under threat, again

Once again the Portlands are being threatened with being used as a dumping ground for unwanted development.  This time, the TTC wants to use them as yards for sleeping streetcars as they expand their fleet.  Councillor Fletcher, who initially sent out communications strongly in support of this development on the grounds of transit necessity, has since suggested that instead two separate sites be considered, which would expand the range of potential solutions and spread them out.  This seems a wise move.

Over the last few years, the potential Portlands parkland which has been the promise and hope for the riding of a waterfront jewel for families from across the city to enjoy has instead become home to cement factories, a natural gas fired power plant, enormous film studios and large retail developments.  Even the recently built soccer fields were tragically conceived on the ruins of a butterfly meadow.

Another option for the streetcars is the site where the Big Box Development was going to be built.  This seems hypocritical, since the City just won a hard-fought battle to maintain the site in question for enhanced employment uses.  Storing streetcars doesn’t generate a lot of jobs, it just uses up a lot of space.

Please come out to one of the open houses this week and help to find a solution.  I plan to be at Thursday’s meeting.  We need public transit.  We also need for it not to conflict with other things we value.

Open Houses for New Streetcars and Storage Facilities

Open House 1
Tuesday, 2009 June 16, 6:30-9pm
Jimmy Simpson Recreation Centre (Gym)
870 Queen Street East

Open House 2
Wednesday, 2009 June 17, 6:30-9pm
Fire & EMS Academy (Auditorium)
895 Eastern Avenue

Open House 3
Thursday, 2009 June 18, 6:30-9pm
Fire & EMS Academy (Auditorium)
895 Eastern Avenue

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