Tim Whalley — bio and priorities

Tim Whalley has been chosen by the local riding association to represent the Green Party of Ontario in the 2011 provincial elections.  Voting day is October 6.

Tim is the executive director of Scarborough Arts and actively works with a broad range of organizations, stakeholders and residents to enrich the community and make it more liveable.  He holds a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Toronto, and has taught at the university level and served on a number of boards of directors.  Tim lives in the Greenwood / Gerrard neighbourhood with his teacher wife and their infant child.  He is a member of local organizations such as the Toronto Environmental Alliance and Toronto Cyclists Union.

Tim’s priorities include:

  • Transportation: promoting a sustainable and effective transit system with incentives to reduce gridlock and pollution, including ride-sharing and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.
  • Energy: encouraging home energy savings plans, micro-generation and clean and renewable energy that reduce pollution, carbon emissions and promote green technology and jobs.
  • Food: investing in school and community meal programs that promote access to healthy food and community gardens.

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