Toronto-Danforth candidates Q&A

The Beaches Riverdale Mirror and East York Mirror have published a question-and-answer article featuring Tim Whalley and other candidates.

Follow this link to the whole article reproduced on Inside Toronto.

Here are Tim’s answers:

1) What election issue have you been hearing about in your riding that you plan to act on? How?

I have spoken with Toronto-Danforth residents and there is a concern about the need for high-quality and accessible education. Education is a top priority for the Green Party. Our plan would support a healthy, inclusive and responsive educational system for students of all ages. This includes investment in healthy food programs for children, training and apprenticeship programs in growth industries such as green building and renewable energy and a freeze on tuition fees for post-secondary education. Our education plan will allow Ontarians to build skills needed for 21st century jobs that will also result in healthy and livable communities.

2) What action do you feel the province should take in ensuring a long-term, growth-appropriate transit plan for Toronto?

As someone who relies on my bike and the TTC to commute to work, I know how important it is to support sustainable and diverse modes of transportation. It is imperative the province act quickly on transit in Toronto. The Green Party is focused on a long-term plan to reduce gridlock and pollution on our roads and support the growth of sustainable transportation in Toronto. The Green Party platform includes a $200 million fund for investment in cycling, walking and active transportation infrastructure, tax credits for ride sharing, car pooling and transit users and maintenance of funding for public transit.

3) How do you plan to improve healthcare for your local constituents?

The Green Party plan would refocus our health-care system on programs that will prevent illness while improving access and quality of care. Ontario spends $7 per person on health promotion and illness prevention in comparison with $21 per person in British Columbia. We would promote education regarding healthier lifestyles, ensure physical education is supported in schools, invest in good food programs and support cycling and walking infrastructure. I would put local communities at the forefront of local health care decisions while working to support doctors and other health care professionals for community health care clinics integrated with public health.

4) Tell us a bit about yourself.

When I am not meeting Toronto-Danforth residents, I am usually hanging out with my wife and baby or enjoying some down time with a book or listening to music from my growing vinyl collection. This is my first time running for election as a provincial candidate and I am enjoying the experience a lot. We have a great team of volunteers and are finding a lot of support in this very green riding.

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