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25 responses to “Donation accepted”

  1. Bruce Rhodes writes:

    Good luck, Adriana!!

  2. Doug Chambers writes:

    All the best, Adriana. Will be watching with interest from here in the west. You will be a great addition to Ottawa and Elizabeth’s fight to improve the way the country and the world looks at Canada’s Government.

    Good Luck

  3. Paul Bissonnette writes:

    I do not live in your riding, however I have met you a few time with Elizabeth , This country needs your spirit.

  4. David Herzig writes:

    Best of Luck Adriana!!!!

  5. Tessa Perkins writes:

    Good luck all the way from Surrey BC!! Hoping we can see a second Green in parliament soon 🙂

  6. Alvaro Tortora writes:

    Elisabeth is too lonely & waits for you to join her…
    All the Best Adriana!!

  7. Erik writes:

    Good luck from Edmonton!

  8. Roberta Jamieson writes:

    Very best of luck!

  9. Ludwik Meissner writes:

    Good luck Adriana. This parliament desperately needs more Greens.

  10. Charles Stewart-Robertson writes:

    Yours is a riding, Adriana, that I once knew well, many decades ago. I hope that it is truly “yours” after the 19th!
    All good wishes from Rothesay, NB.

  11. Brad writes:

    Hoping for another Green MP. Best wishes.

  12. Jade writes:

    Good luck, from Gibsons, BC.

  13. Phil writes:

    Go Girl! from the land of oil and gas… we still keep the faith, and wish you all the best of luck!

  14. Sam writes:

    Far out on the west coast here (Bowen Island, BC)…. but rooting for you. Thank you for your work , we need more voices like yours, look forward to hearing the good news! best wishes!

  15. Anna Novikov writes:

    Wishing you all the best!!!! Elizabeth May needs another Green Party member there! Canada does too! Someone to represent the people, not the way the conservatives are running the country, with the interest primarily as to what industry and big business want… Monsanto — get out of Canada! More food freedom & freedom to choose re: farm produce, food & raw milk clubs, more availability of alternative medicines, reduced cellphone etc. prices, etc. Environment — tsk, tsk — the oil companies with the pipelines, and the fracking — toxins will stay in the groundwater for years and groundwater reaches everywhere…. And the prime minister muzzling what people can say….not in this day and age. Etc. Well goodluck! I hope you win!

  16. Fraser writes:

    All our very best wishes for a successful campaign, Adriana. Let’s keep the Green machine rollin’.

  17. Lawrence Uhlin writes:

    Way to go! Canada needs you.

  18. Lindsay writes:

    Good luck Adriana, we need more Green voices in parliament!

  19. Jodie writes:

    Good luck Adriana!! We are all praying for you to win and help make positive change for Canada!!

  20. Virginia Stead writes:

    Adriana, you’re just who this country needs to nurture our democracy and advance a quality of life that radiates equity, social justice, and sustainability. I urge everyone, regardless of usual party affiliation, to donate to your campaign. Your election will broadcast Canada’s commitment to a more healthful economy with built in longevity.

  21. Karl (Carlo) Hengst writes:

    Dear Adriana, I wish you the best of good fortune for your efforts.
    This is meant for your mental and finacial support.
    Carlo, Summerside, PEI

  22. Quoc Nguyen writes:

    Wishing you well all the way from Vancouver! Go Canada Go!

  23. Philippe writes:

    Adriana, you my support as small as it is I hope it can make a difference. Please win…

  24. Patricia Kirk writes:

    It will be a wonderful gift to all of us in Victoria to have you in Parliament as another humane voice for the good of our country and the world.

  25. Kristen writes:

    I just donated the maximum I can afford to your campaign. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team are doing. I’m wishing luck to the people of Canada that those in Toronto-Danforth take this opportunity to send another Green woman to Parliament Hill!

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