Respect for diversity

Respect for diversity is one of the six principles of the Green Party of Canada.  In short, it means “Live and let live”.

We honour and value equally the Earth’s biological and ecological diversity together with the cultural, linguistic, ethnic, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity within the context of individual responsibility toward all beings.

We defend the right of all persons, without discrimination, to an environment supportive of their dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being.

We promote the building of respectful, positive and responsible relationships across lines of division in the spirit of a multi-cultural society.

This requires

  • recognition that the Earth, through the resources it provides, is the primary source of cultural and spiritual diversity
  • recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples to the basic means of their survival, both economic and cultural, including rights to land and to self determination; and acknowledgment of their contribution to the common heritage of national and global culture
  • recognition of the rights of ethnic minorities to develop their culture, religion and language without discrimination, and to full legal, social and cultural participation in the democratic process
  • recognition of and respect for sexual minorities
  • equality between women and men in all spheres of social, economic, political and cultural life
  • significant involvement of youth culture as a valuable contribution to our Green vision, and recognition that young people have distinct needs and modes of expression.

3 responses to “Respect for diversity”

  1. Civi Jacobsen writes:

    Diversity also includes the elderly and the lessons they have learned in their life time. While it may be difficult to change a person’s behaviour or worldview as they get older, they still have wisdom to share — diversity must include not just the young but the old.

  2. tim writes:

    “recognition of the rights of ethnic minorities to develop their culture, religion and language without discrimination, and to full legal, social and cultural participation in the democratic process”

    Does this include supporting these rights when they violate other’s rights, such as those of gay people for instance? There is no clear distinction made here from HATEthat is perpetrated under the guise of religion? This Green Party policy seems to STRONGLY SUGGEST )nudge, nudge, wink, wink) that the party will allow HATE and protect HATE to appease ethic minorities and their archaic religeous facades.

  3. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    Dear Tim,

    Please rest assured that the Green Party has advocated more clearly and unequivocally for gay rights than any of the mainstream Canadian parties. We had a gay leader from 1990 to 1996, and our support for same-sex marriage predates that time.

    If you look just below the paragraph you quoted, you will see “recognition of and respect for sexual minorities”.

    I have never known Green Party policy to wink at hate. I fully recognize that the privilege of living in a society that opens its arms to the differences in each of us carries with it the responsibility of extending that same openness to others.

    Religions are dynamic. Some churches have already reached out to gays. Soon, I suspect and hope that others will follow as congregations become more gay-positive. It is a process I’ve been witnessing my whole life. Opposing religions and ethnic minorities is as fruitless as opposing gays. We all need to reach out and build bridges where we can.

    I love living in a country where I can get great Indian food and listen to live samba music. I also love living in a country where two men in love can walk down a street holding hands and kissing. But what I love most of all is that when the Indian chef and the samba dancer leave the countries they love to live in a country that is more tolerant of their sexuality, we don’t ask them to give up their languages and cultures for the privilege of finding each other in a Church Street bar.

    That’s the coolest thing about Canada. We need to celebrate this unique paradise where so many backgrounds and ideas come together and discover that with all of our unique differences, we are also very much the same.


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