(Re)Generation: Voices for Canada

2011 March 6 – 10

Leadnow’s (Re)Generation: Voices for Canada is a cross-country event that will bring generations of Canadians together to share ideas and goals for our country and our future, and help draft a Declaration for Change — a commitment to create a better future for all Canadians.  Leadnow will challenge Canadian politicians to work together for progress on the Declaration’s goals, and will call on people to commit to take action and vote for the politicians who will rise to the challenge.

Leadnow and (Re)Generation: Voices for Canada needs people like you to answer a few key questions in small-group conversations to shape the Declaration for Change.  Leadnow invites you to join this initiative by signing up to host a get-together in your community.

When? — March 6th to 10th, 2011

Where? — All across the country in local get-togethers organized by people like you.

How? — Leadnow will provide host packages to make it easy to host a get-together in your community.  The small-group discussions will be centered around key questions found in the host package about participants’ hopes and goals for Canada’s future.  Then, Leadnow will consolidate the answers and shape them into the Declaration for Change, and nominate priorities for online voting.

What can you do?

  • You can sign-up to host a get-together using this online form.
  • You can register here to participate in a get-together in your community or show your support and get periodic updates about local get-togethers near you by attending the Facebook event.
  • You can contact Leadnow at regeneration@leadnow.ca or visit www.leadnow.ca to learn more.

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