2012 by-election nomination contestant: Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu is the Climate Change Critic for the Green Party of Canada and was the party’s local candidate for the 2011 general election. She has lived in Riverdale for 10 years with her husband Charlie and their children.  This community is her home and she will always work to make it more safe, beautiful and vibrant.

As part of a commitment to fight for a liveable world for her five children, Adriana joined the Green Party in 2005 and revitalized the riding association as the CEO.  Since then, she has been reaching out to the community, raising awareness of the climate crisis and promoting the policies necessary to address it.

As the Green Party candidate for the 2011 election, Adriana has canvassed the riding twice through.  She is familiar with the people who live here, the communities they form and the concerns they have.  She is determined to continue with close public engagement with her constituents as an elected representative.

As the party’s Climate Change Critic, she is a strong participant on the Shadow Cabinet and is familiar and comfortable with the full range of the party’s policies and priorities.

In response to the Province‚Äôs plan to build a power plant on the waterfront in Toronto-Danforth, she helped found the Toronto Energy Coalition and co-wrote A Realistic Energy Plan for Toronto, the only city energy plan that eliminated any new generation from fossil fuels.  She has fought other local issues, such as deputing against the Big Box development on Eastern and lobbying for a better plan for the Don Mouth, both successful campaigns.  She has also supported residents in local disputes to help with traffic flow or to improve poor building planning.

Adriana initiated fora like Power to Choose and Climate Change Conference Toronto.  She played a central role in organizing rallies like the Canadians for Kyoto and the December rallies that coincide with the international climate change negotiations. She was a principal organizer of The Sunshine Walk for Climate Justice for which she walked from Toronto to Ottawa.

Adriana is a past chair of the Cabbagetown-Riverdale Amnesty International group.  She is an executive member of Post Carbon Toronto and active in groups including JustEarth, the Toronto Climate Campaign and The Next Generation.

Adriana gives talks on carbon pricing, climate change and human rights, and frequently participates in public consultations and lobbying.  She strongly believes that all parties will have to work together to meet the challenges we face.

Born in Brazil to a Ukrainian refugee mother and a Brazilian/Italian father, Adriana speaks fluent Ukrainian, Portuguese and English. She studied Anthropology, including a year with native Kaingang and Guarani in Brazil. Her children attend local French language public schools and speak Portuguese at home.

Adriana would be honoured to join Elizabeth May in Parliament as your Toronto-Danforth representative, and asks for your support to help her get elected.

Adriana invites you to contact her at 416-800-5020 or adriana@danforthgreens.ca.  Follow @adrianahamu on Twitter and Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu on Facebook.

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu is one of the contestants to be the Green Party candidate in the Toronto-Danforth 2012 by-election. Come to the nomination meeting on February 5 at 4pm, Riverdale Branch of the Toronto Public Library.

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