2012 Feb 5: Choose a candidate for Toronto-Danforth federal by-election

Update: It’s Adriana.

Nomination Meeting
Sunday, 2012 February 5, 4pm

(followed by Annual General Meeting)
Riverdale branch, Toronto Public Library
(northwest corner of Broadview and Gerrard)
All are welcome.

Following the untimely passing of Jack Layton, Toronto-Danforth is not currently represented in Parliament.  This vacancy will be filled in a by-election that must be called by Prime Minister Harper before the end of February.

On February 5th, 2012, we will select both a new riding executive and our candidate for the Toronto-Danforth by-election, who will aim to double the number of Green Party representatives in Parliament.

All Green Party of Canada members (for at least 30 days, or lapsed within the last year) resident in Toronto-Danforth are eligible to vote.  Everyone, members and non-members, are urged to come out and ask questions to help select the best Green representatives for this riding.  We want to select the candidate who best represents the members of this riding, and the best Executive to support the party.  Please mark February 5 on your calendar.  We need your presence there.

Elizabeth May needs help in fighting Green battles.  The Green Party is the only party that opposed the continuation of fighting in Libya, the only party fighting for the Kyoto Accord, the only party speaking out for a Guaranteed Annual Income, the only party opposing the sale of shark fin.  The Green Party has also worked with other parties for stronger emissions reduction programmes, for amendments to the omnibus crime bill, against asbestos mining and other goals.

Help choose the candidate to join Elizabeth May in Ottawa, fighting for the world our children need.

After the nomination meeting, we will have an Annual General Meeting.  This is the time for the annual election of the executive committee that guides the Green Party in this riding.

See you on Sunday, February 5.

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  1. Barbora writes:

    Best of luck from out of town! I hope there is some good discussion on real solutions for the future :)

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