3 Degrees — Learn about climate change with Lee Norton

Update: Adriana’s portion of the evening was recorded.  Thanks again to David Langer for this.  The video is set to start part way through, where Adriana talks about pricing carbon.  You can drag the progress bar to the left to watch from the beginning.

Thursday, 2012 April 5, 6:30pm
Free , but must click here to register to learn location.

This presentation is being organized by one of our campaign volunteers, Betty Muir:

Come hear the latest news about climate change in this presentation by Climate Reality Project-Canada certified speaker Lee Norton.  His presentation “3 Degrees” is continually updated to reflect the changing understanding of climate change.  The presentation will cover:

  • What science has forecasted.
  • What is happening around the world now, such as rising sea levels and the great range in forecasts and why.
  • The science of greenhouse gasses, solar effects, ice core data, global dimming and effect of aerosols.
  • A look at targets from IPCC 450 ppm & 2 deg to Hansen’s 350 ppm and why 450 ppm would be disasterous.
  • Remarks on Canada and muzzling of scientists.
  • Comments on the IPCC and controversy.
  • Final showing of Greenland ice cores for last 100,000 years that we have been unable to explain or model.

Adriana has been invited to talk about some possible solutions after Lee Norton speaks.

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