2008 Dec 18: 2008 Annual General Meeting

You are invited to attend the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association’s 2008 Annual General Meeting.

We will be reviewing last year’s accomplishments vis a vis our 2008 business plan, electing a new executive* and discussing plans for the next year as we continue to build the Association and prepare for the next federal election (whenever it may be).

Thursday, 2008 December 18, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen Street East (east of Broadview, west of Logan)

All members are encouraged to attend and consider standing for election to one or more of the Executive positions:

  1. Chief Executive Officer – Organizes regular meetings, builds the executive where needed, oversees the operation of the Association, searches for the best candidate.
  2. Financial Agent – Maintains books, issues tax receipts, files the annual financial report to Elections Canada.
  3. Secretary – Keeps records of all meetings and distributes same to members of the Executive
  4. Executive Members – the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association does not fill positions on the Executive based on job description – but rather on a willingness to work as part of a team towards the goals of the Executive as a whole.  We will, however, be looking for people who are willing to take responsibility for actively overseeing the following key activities:
  • a)    Volunteer Co-ordinator – Manages the volunteers including keeping an accurate database, staying in contact with volunteers thereby establishing relationships with volunteers so that we know who they are and what they want to do/are best suited to do.
  • b)    List Management Co-ordinator – Manages the CiviCRM/GRIMES data base
  • c)     Information Technology Manager – Assists in all things technologically driven outside of the List Management Co-ordinator’s responsibilities.
  • d)    Membership Co-ordinator – Keeps in touch monthly with members as their memberships lapse to co-ordinate/encourage membership renewal
  • e)     Community Outreach Co-ordinator – Establishes communication with community organizations to provide outreach opportunities for the Association and Candidate.
  • f)     Fundraising/Events Co-ordinator – Organizes fundraising events to help fund the next election
  • g)    Newsletter Editor – Manages the monthly newsletter including overseeing all elements of editorial content and production.
  • h)    Graphics Designer – Manages the visual elements of all communications to ensure a professional image
  • i)      Youth Outreach Co-ordinator – Establishes communication with youth in the riding to provide outreach opportunities for the Association and Candidate.
  • j)     Other Needs – Other needs yet discovered.

As well, members of the executive are able to be part of the new Campaign Preparedness Team – which works to prepare for the next election to ensure the best possible result for the Green Party in Toronto-Danforth which includes working with the Campaign Manager and Candidate on:

  • research and data analysis between elections
  • campaign messaging
  • volunteer co-ordination
  • materials preparation (signs, brochures)
  • supplier management (know who to go to for what and how much before the next election is called – i.e., phones, computers, printers, literature distributors)
  • office space research/selection/preparation

If you are interested in filling one or more of these roles, please let me know as soon as possible at maryann@danforthgreens.ca or 416-465-3507 (email preferred).

Anyone is welcome to observe the meeting, but you need to be a member in good standing of the Green Party of Canada and a resident of Toronto-Danforth to vote.  If you’re a lapsed member, you are welcome to renew that night to reacquire voting privileges.  If you are thinking of becoming a member, you can join at the meeting and be eligible to vote.

Please RSVP to maryann@danforthgreens.ca or 416-465-3507 (email preferred) if you plan to attend.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Grainger
Chief Executive Officer
Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association

* Per the Association’s constitution, the Executive must resign at each AGM and a new Executive be voted in by members present

2 responses to “2008 Annual General Meeting”

  1. Bob Halstead writes:

    Please resolve the apparent conflict in these dates.

    Tue Nov 18: 2008 Annual General Meeting
    You are invited . . . . Thursday, 2008 December 18, 7 pm
    Ralph Thornton Centre

  2. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    Sorry, fixed. The AGM is in December.

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