At Taste of the Danforth 2009

Stuffing our facesThis picture goes back a few weeks.  It’s just me and three of my kids stuffing our faces at the Danforth Festival, one of the great annual events in this wonderful riding.  I’m eating sinfully yummy baklava.  I wasn’t trying to meet people or promote the Green Party – just taking a short break from meeting my constituents to enjoy the festivities with my family.

I also took one of my daughters with a friend for the rides one evening and they kept me up until well past midnight.  Our house at one point housed a half dozen overnight visitors coming for the Taste of the Danforth.

It’s a great festival I’ve enjoyed for many years.  We used to bring visiting friends over even before we lived in Riverdale because it’s a unique and special festival – mixing up a Greek base with every other kind of store on the Danforth – massages and organic juices, books new and used, the Bad Dog Theatre and health clubs, and wonderful shows on a number of stages.  One of our family’s favourite things is the climbing wall.  And every year I think the festival just can’t possibly get any bigger and it always does.

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  1. Nicole writes:

    Greeks are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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