2007 Nov 20: Ban toxic chemicals in baby bottles

Poster for Ban Toxics, Baby!A reminder from Rich Smith about a rally tomorrow (Tuesday) morning…

Though this rally highlights the dangers that toxic chemicals in consumer products pose to children, adults are at terrible risk as well.  Bisphenol A, for example, isn’t just in children’s products.  It’s also in water bottles, every tin can on your shelf, you name it.  In recent testing, 96% of Americans had measurable levels of this hormone disrupting chemical in their bodies…There’s every reason to believe that pollution levels in Canadians are the same.

Ontario has a major opportunity to take a leadership position on this critical issue.  We need your support to ensure it happens.

Family Rally to End Toxic Chemicals in Baby Bottles
Tuesday, 2007 November 20, 10 am – 11:00 am
Queen’s Park front lawn.  Free.

Featuring Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch!  We want the McGuinty government to get cracking and pass a law to get toxic chemicals out of baby bottles and other consumer products.  FAMILY FUN RALLY!  Join us with your friends, your babies and your old baby bottles for music, fun, hot apple cider and cheering at Queen’s Park.  Rain or Shine, we’ll be out for a party!  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Info: email Cassandra Polyzou at Environmental Defence or call 416-323-9521×222.

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