Chris Tindal introduces Glen Murray

Glen Murray is seriously considering campaigning for Mayor of Toronto, and I’d love for you to have the opportunity to meet him and ask him questions in this casual setting.  This is a great way to get a sense of the issues and ideas that will define what is sure to be a hard-fought and important election campaign.

In short, I think it really matters that we elect the right mayor, and I’m excited about what Glen’s candidacy could bring.

If you’ve been to The Ben Wicks before, you’ll know it to be a great atmosphere to enjoy a pint and talk some politics.

Of course, all are welcome to come hang out.  See you there!

Chris Tindal

Come meet Glen Murray
Wednesday, 2009 November 25, 7 pm – 9 pm
The Ben Wicks Pub, 424 Parliament St

Glen could be our next mayor.  Come meet him and ask him your questions.

About Glen Murray

Potential Toronto mayoral candidate Glen MurrayGlen is most well known (to me at least) as the former two-term Mayor of Winnipeg and as the former chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy which produced an excellent and important report for the federal government on how to tackle the climate crisis in an economically positive way.

His record as mayor is very strong.  He “inherited a city government with very high debt and property taxes,” then “cut or froze property taxes every year he was mayor, reducing them by 8.4% over his six years in office.”  At the same time, he managed to lead “a renewal of downtown facilitating partnerships and creating a fund and tax incentives that led to the development of a new downtown college, entertainment and sports centre, inhabited bridge, Hydro corporation and credit union head office towers, waterfront residential district, a downtown library and the gifting of the land and financial assistance for a new national museum in Winnipeg.”  (Text in quotation marks from Wikipedia.)

He’s lived in several Canadian cities (something I consider to be an asset) and now calls Toronto home.

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