Climate change


Maryem Tollar(2021 & 2022 candidate)

We are in trouble.

We face the collision of increasing global carbon emissions and a realization that early climate models dramatically underestimated the threats involved.  Empirical evidence of climate change has been more rapid than anticipated, dramatically so in the case of melting arctic ice.  Meanwhile global carbon emissions are rising instead of falling.  We need bold action now.

The good news is that the solutions to the climate crisis, while requiring dramatic changes, are economically available today and can usher in a world that’s cleaner, safer, healthier and more satisfying.

Climate change is the issue that drove me into politics.  It is where the choices we make today will determine the world our children will inherit.  Poor choices today may deliver a planet that’s bleak, arid, unproductive and possibly toxic and hostile to human life, unleashing global misery on a scale humanity has never before seen.  The best choices may give our children a world with cleaner water, fresher air, less disease and greater equity.

When I joined the Green Party in 2005, it was the only party that was speaking on this issue and the only party with a remotely credible platform to deal with it.  We have moved mountains since then, but the challenges have become even greater.  Given emerging science, it is increasingly apparent that the Green Party platform will have to be strengthened.  No other party comes close.

It’s time to vote Green.

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