Dance for the climate

Saturday, 2009 December 5
12:30 pm (learn the dance), 1:00 pm (dance!)
Kensington Market, corner of Kensington and Baldwin [Video no longer available.]

A message from my friend Pam Johnson:

All welcome! No dance experience required!

A video of this event will be posted at:

The eyes of the world will be on political leaders in Copenhagen in December (6-18) for the UN Climate Conference where the question of real action on climate change will be put to the test. Sadly, the Canadian government led by Stephen Harper has played the role of global climate spoiler by refusing to set effective targets for carbon emission reduction. Harper’s government has also exempted the tar sands, called one of the dirtiest developments in the world, from Canada’s environmental laws.

We need to send a message to Harper’s government and the world that this is not good enough.  We need CLIMATE ACTION NOW!

And the result:

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