Day 4: Frustrations

34 days to Election day

We aren’t allowed to put up TTC ads, in what looks like it may be a violation of a court decision on election access.  This afternoon, I went to get myself registered and was told that not only was the Returning Officer not yet ready to register candidates, but that some of the nomination signatures I had might have been stale dated and I would have to get new ones.  Raced out to Gerrard Square for signatures.  Then back to the office and a late arrival at pub night.  Came home to discover Elizabeth had been barred from the debates again.  I guess the Consortium wants the debates to be boring.  It is so much work for the Greens just to have access.  Still waiting for signs and flyers.

Not frustrating was a meeting with an Ethiopian community leader.  A very good conversation, followed up on by Charlie.

To help get Elizabeth into the debates, do the following:

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