2007 Nov 8: East Toronto Community Coalition

This is the community group that has party status at the OMB hearing representing the residents against the big box development on Eastern Ave:

East Toronto Community Coalition
Thursday, 2007 November 8, 6:30 pm
Jimmie Simpson Community Centre

(note venue change: Ralph Thorton is booked)

If you or anyone else you know is interested in the topics (see agenda below) we will be discussing, please feel free to join us.
See you there,


  • OMB
  • YIMBY Festival — how to develop secondary plan for our community
  • WEBSITE — www.EastTorontoCommunity.org
  • WAL-MART NATION — update from film committee


  • How to organizing strong grassroots fundraising/membership drive
  • Developing a list of events
  • Letter for potential Donors
  • Letter for Stores

ORGANIZING A “COMMUNITY PLANNING COMMITTEE” ~ Based on the Adam Vaughan – Ward 20 Model, how do we build a Community Planning Committee that will help explore and create a better model for neighbourhood planning and at the same time, strengthen relationships between the Community, the City and Developers.

STUDENT COMPETITION ~ Developing a student competition that will help communicate a community vision for 629 Eastern — guidelines for competition to be based on Community input.

FILM FOR THE OMB ~ Is it possible to create a 10 minute film to show at the OMB that will illustrate the creative, social, economic and cultural fabric of Leslieville.

5 responses to “East Toronto Community Coalition”

  1. Rebecca Renwick writes:

    Maybe I missed something on the website, but I could not find a sample letter to Jim Watson urging the Ontario government to make a Declaration of Provincial Interest in the OMB hearing on the SmartCenters application. I know that written requests must be sent to Mr. watson by March 31.

    If there is such a sample letter, could you please let me know where to access it so that I print it off for and forward it to residents of my street and other neighbours.

    Thank you.

  2. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    Kelly Carmichael sent me a sample letter along with these comments:

    I’ve attached the letter. It is very specific so people should try to include as many points as possible. One of the key themes is…

    Piggybacking this application for Big Box retail on a prior application from 2004 on the old Official Plan (a plan that is outdated and has no relevance to managing sustainable growth in Ontario), Smart!Centres is circumventing the City’s new Official Plan and recent Provincial Policies designed to nurture growth and sustainability. I feel the amendments to the original application are so significant they should not be permitted.

    We are asking the Province to get behind their policies. We will have a “letter/petition” on the website hopefully later today or tomorrow – we are still working out a few programming issues. I will send out an an email/ appeal to all of Toronto to go to the site and send the letter. The Province has until April 5 to make a “Declaration of Provincial Interest”.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    To see the sample letter go here:


  3. Deborah Cherry writes:

    Hi again,

    I’ve just sent an email to you saying that I will attend on May 2nd. But I prefer to come on the 21st. I think that date will be one where you want a lot of people, and there is likely to be more interesting action.

    Deborah Cherry

  4. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    Thanks Deborah,

    The date has changed and I had not yet updated the site. Thanks so much for bringing this up. I’ll change it now.


  5. Deborah Cherry writes:

    Hi Adriana,

    I’m really a bit embarrassed, but I seem to have missed the gathering; I’ve heard on the news that the developers want more time, and that the adjudicator finds this a bit much, and has asked for alternatives from them.

    I think my absence has to do with the fact that I signed on via the Internet, and this is not my customary modus for keeping track of events, hence I completely lost track of the date. I’ll do my best to remember in future.


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