2007 Mar 28: Electric and hybrid auto technologies and environmental impacts

The Toronto Peak Oil Meetup group will have a presentation on electric cars this month:

Electric and hybrid auto technologies
and environmental impacts
Wednesday, 2007 March 28, 6:45 pm
Frankland Community School
816 Logan Avenue
(near Chester Station) Free

From the announcment:

Meet Eric Jelinski, M. Eng., who converted his Datsun truck to  run on electricity. He’ll talk to us about the electric car,  the hybrid, and hydrogen car, and their performance and programs for development.

He’ll start with short history of the automobile, then talk about how the energy we use in transportation compares with energy used elsewhere.

He’ll illustrate how the a car’s energy needs vary with its physical characteristics and operator’s needs.

He’ll discuss in detail the different emerging auto technologies, and compare the “wells to wheels” analysis for the different kinds of car.


Eric Jelinski recently retired from OPG after 31 years in nuclear energy in engineering at Bruce, Darlington and Pickering.

Eric obtained his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1976, and his Master of Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1992.

Eric has actively promoted electric vehicles and formed the Durham Electric Vehicle Association in 1996. He designed and  taught an Electric Vehicle Technology evening course at Durham College.

Eric continues to pursue his interests in these vehicles, the  environment, alternate energy, and sustainable development.

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