2009 Oct 17: Environment Day

Community Environment Day guy from City of Toronto websiteCommunity Environment Day
Saturday, 2009 Oct 17, 10am – 2 pm
Riverdale Park East

(Broadview Ave north of Gerrard St)

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher normally hosts our local Ward 30 Environment Day on Canada Day, but that all got delayed this year due to the garbage strike.

Here’s the information from the City of Toronto website:

What can you do at the 2009 Community Environment Day?


  • Backyard composter ($15)
  • Green bin ($18)
  • Kitchen container ($5)
  • Indoor water efficiency kit ($10)
  • Rain barrel ($85)

Pick up for FREE:

  • Green bins and kitchen container (with proof of new residency in the last 90 days or in exchange for a damaged box)
  • Leaf compost
  • Rain gauges

Donate for reuse:

  • Art supplies (e.g. pencils, markers, crayons)
  • Buttons, keys, and collectors’ coins and stamps
  • Clipboards
  • CDs and cases
  • Children’s books
  • Corks and cork boards
  • Costume jewelry including broken/old watches
  • Dress-up clothing (e.g. costumes, prom dresses, uniforms)
  • Fabric pieces, yarn

Please note that these items are donated to the public school board.

Drop off for recycling or proper disposal:

  • Cell phones, computers, monitors, printers, fax machines & small televisions
  • Household hazardous waste (cleaning supplies and solvents, motor oil, paint, batteries, old/unused medication, mercury thermometers/thermostats, pesticides, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, etc.)
  • Inkjet and laser cartridges
  • Used tires (off the rim, limit of 5)

New this fall! Drop off your old two-strike mower, leaf blower, trimmer or chainsaw.

Note: Plastic shopping bags and polystyrene foam are now accepted in your blue bin. You can also recycle your empty paint cans in your blue bin.

More items to donate for reuse:

(please keep separate from others)

  • Sporting goods (e.g. skates, hockey helmets and jerseys)
  • Books
  • Medical equipment in good condition (e.g. eyeglasses, wheelchairs and walking aids, hearing aids)
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Small household items (e.g. dishes, ornaments)
  • Textiles in good condition (e.g. clothing, linens)

Please note that these donated items are for Goodwill.

Please do not bring: Construction waste, gasoline, garbage, wood, cassette and video tapes, commercial/industrial hazardous waste and scrap metal.

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