Green Party of Ontario — Toronto-Danforth needs your help

This blog is for the Green Party of Canada.  The Green Party of Ontario, while sharing the same principles, and being part of the same global Green family, is a separate organization, with separate membership, separate policy, separate leadership, separate financing and a focus on provincial issues.

I’ve been thrilled to watch the Green Party of Canada undergo a significant expansion in Toronto-Danforth over the time I’ve been involved.  The Green Party of Ontario, however, has not experienced the same growth.  Riding president Paul Charbonneau left the presidency following his run in the byelection in March and the constituent assembly has been disbanded.

Because the two organizations are linked and strong associations and candidates help each other at both levels, it is important to the development of the GPC in Toronto-Danforth that we also have a strong GPO presence.  Doug Wright, a very hardworking member of our executive at the GPC, is willing to take on a central role in the GPO, but he can’t do it alone.  So if anyone out there has been wondering how you can help, there is lot to be done at the provincial end.  Please contact Doug Wright at if you are interested.  We need to start getting this organization into shape for the scheduled provincial election in November 2007.

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