Holiday spirit and climate action

I had a busy day today.  I got up late this morning after staying up last night eating latkes and playing dreidel with my youngest children.  My daughter was busy decorating her gingerbread house, which is now almost completely covered in candy after a whole week of periodic decoration.  We’re settling into holiday time.

In the afternoon, I attended the Riverdale Share concert at St. Barnabas Church.  What a wonderful local tradition!  Superb music, lively family entertainment and an incredible array of local talent you couldn’t find gathered together anywhere else at any price.  And it supports local charities as well.  I loved watching the children craning their little necks to watch for Santa.

I made a brief appearance at the climate change action in Toronto before heading off for the vigil in Brampton.  About 60 people braved the cold for the event there organized by the Peel Region Sierra Club.  I spoke as the Green Party of Canada’s climate critic about the significance of the 350 goal and then danced around waving my candle to keep warm.  The music really helped.

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