Let’s do the right thing in Copenhagen

As Canada prepares to send a delegation to Copenhagen later this year to negotiate our position on the successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol, the future of Canada and all humanity depends on the resulting agreement.  The Green Party of Canada has issued a statement urging the Canadian Government to:

Stop delaying

  • Acknowledge that climate change is here already and that further delay threatens our economy, our environment, our safety and the well-being of our children.
  • Stop waiting for future technological miracles and invest now in existing emissions reductions strategies — efficiency, conservation, retrofits and the quickest and most economical low-impact generation options.

Respect existing and emerging international agreements

  • At minimum commit to emissions reductions within the range Canada has already agreed to strive for 2 years ago in Bali — at least 25% below 1990 levels by 2020.
  • Reverse Canada‚Äôs obstruction to progress in ongoing negotiations.

Respect the science

  • Stop avoiding our responsibilities by manipulating the baseline year, introducing intensity targets or promoting other measures which have no scientific merit.
  • Make provisions to strengthen targets as demanded by emerging science.

Demonstrate leadership and compassion

  • Show compassion for less developed nations suffering undue hardship from our emissions.
  • Make Canada a leader in climate change negotiations and in building a new green economy.

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