Low-carbon campaign challenge

This is a companion piece to my previous post, where I railed about carbon offsets becoming permission to go ahead with “business-as-usual”.  Well, it is incumbent on us not to have a business-as-usual campaign, then, whether or not we choose to go with carbon offsets.

So here are some ideas.  I welcome more.

  1. Our signs will be stored in local depots and delivered on foot or bicycle.
  2. Elena from our campaign team has offered her bicycle to be available to campaign staff running errands.  Several other members enthusiastically added that they would be happy to add a bike to the mix as well.
  3. We will try to reduce emissions from heating by keeping the office cool (or, if the campaign ends up in the summer, we’ll try to keep the office warm to reduce emissions associated with electricity for cooling).
  4. We will use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our flyers and other materials.
  5. We will scrupulously recycle everything we can at the office.
  6. We will try to perform as many functions manually as we can.
  7. We will try to reduce the energy used on lighting and computers by turning them off when they are not absolutely needed.
  8. We will do our best to keep water use low.
  9. We’ll try to eliminate disposables as much as possible — no styrofoam cups for coffee, for example.

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