Our children deserve better

Here’s Adriana at the nomination meeting where she was chosen as the Green Party candidate for the 2012 by-election:

Thanks to Andrew Casement and friends for this.

5 responses to “Our children deserve better”

  1. Barbara Schanel writes:

    Preach that Sister! I wish I could vote for you! Can I vote for you from Tennessee???

  2. Lee Hamu writes:

    Barbara – unfortunately you can’t vote for Adriana from Tennessee, but anyone can help us win this campaign by phone canvassing for us. Click on the volunteer link to your left for more details!

  3. Dale Thomas writes:

    I am visually impaired and need to increase font sizes on the internet to be able to read. your site does not accomodate font sizes enlargement – images and movies ovrlap text, rendering it illegible. In November, 2010, the federal government was ordered by a court judge to make its websites accessible to visually impaired users. It seems to me that you may want to take care of that. Even though you are not government, you aspire to be.

  4. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    Dale — Very sorry about the accessibility issues with DanforthGreens.ca.

    I’ve done both graduate work and then professional work related to accessibility issues, so that’s a real embarrassment for me.

    Also, one of my daughters is visually impaired.

    I will work to correct the situation, though I may be distracted before election day. I will contact you when I’ve made changes so that you can verify that they work for you.

  5. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    Dale — I’ve experimented and I can zoom and adjust text size in Internet Explorer, and zoom in Firefox and Chrome (they don’t have text-size adjustment, that I am aware of). Everything seems to work properly and stay legible, without overlap.

    The one possible problem I see is that the menu on the left, which stays in the same place on the screen even as you scroll down the page, also stays in the same place if you scroll to the right. Sometimes when you increase text size, it may shift the scroll position to the right. Is this what is happening to you? If so, move the horizontal scroll bar back all the way to the left.

    If you are still having trouble, let me know a little more about what setup you are using and which words overlap. Thanks!

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