Please put yourself forward

We can’t choose a candidate if we don’t have choices. Please offer yourself as a nomination contestant. Adriana, our candidate in the past two elections, is not running this time. We need you.

If you may be interested, email right away. Paperwork needs to be completed by November 27.

One response to “Please put yourself forward”

  1. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:


    I’m shy about answering the question “what exactly are [we] looking for?” because I can only speak for myself. Later, when we are choosing a candidate from among the nomination contestants, different local members may be looking for different, and possibly contradictory qualities: ability to communicate, chance of wining, specific policy points.

    Right now, at this stage, as a member of the local executive, I can say that one of the most important things I’m looking for is to give the membership choices. So I would encourage anyone and everyone to offer themselves up as a nomination contestant. You are certainly qualified. We’re a friendly group, all contestants are very welcome and appreciated.

    So far, two people intend to contest the nomination. Neither has been officially cleared by our regional organizer, Jonathan Halasz , so I’m going to wait for that before publicizing their names.

    I’m going to share the nomination application package with you in a separate email.

    Thank you for your continued involvement.

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