Science vs policy

Everyone makes assumptions or accepts assumptions others have made.

A scientist never believes that she is right. She does her best to prove herself wrong, and then, in the absence of such proof, behaves as if she might in fact be right.

A politician never believes that she is wrong. She does her best to associate with people who agree with her, and in the absence of any agreement, behaves as if she might be in fact be a wee bit wrong.

So it is that science and policy have little in common, not even a common language.

The science should scare us. Most policy will work only when the science is wrong. Green Party policy works with all the sciences, including economics. Tory policy works with none of the sciences except public relations.

Canada, wake up! A vote for a popular policy is a vote for disaster.

Listen to “Keeping our Cool”, an interview on climate, on CBC’s Quirks and Quarks.

Get the science right before you vote.

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