2007 Oct 27: Second annual YIMBY festival

YIMBY logoThe Yes, In My Backyard! festival returns for a second year.  And Magdalena Olszanowski wants you to come.  It’s easy to say Not in my backyard! — let’s think about what we do want.

Second Annual YIMBY Festival
Saturday, 2007 October 27, 11 am – 5 pm
Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor, 1214 Queen St West

Family-friendly event.  Free.

One response to “Second annual YIMBY festival”

  1. Magda Olszanowski writes:

    Please do check out the 3rd annual YIMBY Festival that I want you to come to!


    The focus of the YIMBY (Yes, In My Backyard) festival is to create a fair-like atmosphere where people working in or interested in citizen based community development can gather and exchange ideas, strategies and celebrate the achievements of their respective organizations. The one-day event invites groups to “turn the tables” on policy makers and invite them to see the work that we do outside of the antagonistic dynamics of official meetings. Christina Zeidler founded the festival in 2006 as a result of her work with neighbourhood groups who were responding to wide spread unchecked development in the Queen West Triangle. She realized that many groups are unfairly labeled NIMBY, when so often they are the ones networking, sharing information and making sure that people don’t get left behind in the city building process. Now in its third year, produced by Magda Olszanowski, the YIMBY festival has recently expanded to include a blog allowing groups to share information and stories throughout the year.

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