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Would you like a Green Party sign for your window or yard?  Rumour has it that each sign translates to ten votes!

    Please send an email to


    Paper (11″×17″)
    Toronto-Danforth candidate window sign
    SMALL (24″×16″)
    Toronto-Danforth candidate lawn sign (small)

    BIG (48″×32″)
    Toronto-Danforth candidate lawn sign

    Banner (15’×3′)

    4 responses to “Get a sign”

    1. Bob Metcalfe writes:

      I’ve decided to support the GREEN Party this election for the sole reason that I am so pissed off that the Greens were not included in the TV debates. Since when do TV “consortiums” get to decide who the voters should or shouldn’t hear.

      Feel free to quote me on that.

    2. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

      Thanks, Bob.

      Going door to door, I’ve met many voters who were motivated by Elizabeth’s exclusion to at least give the Green Party another look — and ended up persuaded to vote Green.


    3. Jinny Wong writes:

      I’ve decided to vote Green because I got a chance to hear what Elizabeth had to say on the CHCH exclusive debate and liked what I had to hear. I have struggled to choose a candidate that I respect between the parties that “have a chance”.

      I think that elections shouldn’t be about playing politics so to speak; that’s for the politicians. What we need to do is vote for a party that we believe in, one that most truly speaks to our needs and values. Simply voting for the team you think will win anyway is cowardly and a sad excuse for “Democracy”.

    4. Cal Lorimer writes:

      I too am unhappy with the way the Greens were not allowed to participate in the debates. So, for the first time in my life I gave a donation to a political party. Put the sign on my lawn! I am voting Green this time around.

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