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“I look forward to paying your taxes”

2% threshold in Canada Elections Act ruled unconstitutional

2006 Annual General Meeting

2006 election

2006 November PLAC meeting

2007 AGM

2007 nomination meeting

2008 Annual General Meeting

2008 Green Party of Ontario policy conference

2009 GPO convention

2010 Toronto municipal elections — locate your polling station

2012 by-election nomination contestant: Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

2012 by-election nomination contestant: Ann Peel

2012 by-election nomination contestant: Emma Richardson

2019 Candidate: Chris Tolley

3 Degrees — Learn about climate change with Lee Norton

3rd annual Yes In My Backyard Festival

3rd public consultation on Portlands natural gas pipeline

40th general election

መልካም አዲስ አመት!


የግሪን ፓርቲን ዕጩ ይገናኙ፡  አድሪያና ሙኛቶ-ሃሙ

Green Party of Canada convention postponed due to election

A big thanks to Shawn Khan

A brighter future for everyone

A cheeky proposal

A convenient Oscar

A Discussion about Sponsorship of Public Spaces

A diverse set of candidates

A fair immigration policy

A fresh batch of photos

A front-line report

A letter from Elizabeth May

A Realistic Energy Plan for Toronto

A Solar Affair in Withrow Park

A Talk With Carolyn Bennett

A visit to East Chinatown

ABC climate change video

About Sharon Howarth

About to tip

Adriana appointed to Shadow Cabinet

Adriana in the news

Adriana on openness, incentives to cheat

Adriana on TV chatting about voting reform

Adriana speaking at Post Carbon Toronto MeetUp

Adriana’s Climate Chaos speech

Adriana’s talk at recent townhall on “How Much Time?”

Adriana’s two reasons for voting Green

Adriana 爱德安娜 Mugnatto-Hamu

Affordable Housing — St Lawrence Forum

Agrichar — hope for soils

Air Quality and the East End

Al Gore’s latest scary slide show

All-candidates debate

All-candidates debate

All-candidates debate

All-candidates debate for St Paul’s by-election

All-candidates debate to focus on foreign policy

All-candidates meeting

All-candidates meeting

All-candidates meeting — 2006 Ward 30 Council

All-candidates meeting summary

All-in-one update from a sicko

Allow new Canadians to work

An evening with Eric Novak of The Climate Project Canada

An idea for waste

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth screening

An inconvenient vigil

An Inconvenient Youth in Cancún

An open challenge to Jack Layton

An open letter to Minister Cansfield from local Green Greg Bonser

And on the bright side

And the oilpatch cheers…

Andrew James running for council in Ward 29

Andrew James’ campaign website

Andrew Trotter

Antics in the Legislature

Arithmetic, population, and energy

Ashamed to be Canadian

Ask the Province to intercede in the Eastern Ave SmartCentre

At Taste of the Danforth 2009

At the Festival of South Asia 2009

Australian Green Party helping to dislodge anti-Kyoto Prime Minister


(Re)Generation: Voices for Canada

ग्रीन पार्टी उम्मीदवार से मिलें: एड्रियाना मुग्‍नैटो-हामू



ગ્રીન પાર્ટી ના ઉમેદવાર:  ઍડ્રીયાના મૅગ્નેટો-હમુ  ને મળો

Back on the road to democracy

Bad and good news

Bad Dog Green Sessions

Bain Street Festival

Ban handguns

Ban the bulb

Ban toxic chemicals in baby bottles

Barack Obama and renegotiating NAFTA

Basics of the Green Party

Beaches East York Green Party Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Beaches/East Toronto Conservation Fair

Beer summit

Big Box vs common sense

Bike to Work 2009 this Monday

Bill McKibben’s alarming new video

Biogas talk at City Hall

Breakfast with Anthony, musings on transportation

Britain: 100% wind power by 2020

Broad coalition formed

Buddhist statement on climate change

Budget date confirmed

Building a provincial Green Party riding association — workshop

Buy locally or apply to Wal-Mart for welfare…

Buy Nothing Day

Buy something day

By-election candidates on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

By-election day in Toronto-Danforth [moved a week]

Byelections announced in Willowdale and Toronto Centre

Cabbagetown Festival

Call for candidate nominations

Call for language skills or community links

Call for nominations

Calling all potential candidates

Campaign kick-off party

Campaign launch party

Campaign notes between preparations

Campaign office pops up

Can Canada meet Kyoto?

Canada dead last on climate change

Canada fails as a human rights leader

Canada harshly criticized at climate negotiations in Bonn

Canada in Copenhagen

Canada is failing on the environment

Canada outdone by the Maldives

Canada should pressure Thailand to exercise moderation

Canada’s climate calendar

Canada’s unscientific Copenhagen team

Candidate caught in eyeglass scandal

Candidate diversity

Candidate nomination meeting

Candidate school 101

Candidates debate on live TV

Candidates on the record

Candlelight vigil

Capital crimes in good and bad countries

Car-free day

Carbon capture looks even dumber

Carbon Shift

Carbon tax petition

Celebrating Aboriginal people in Canada’s Boreal Forest

Change the channel

Chappy Chanukah

Charles Battershill campaign team

Charles Battershill’s first interview


Check out the video endorsements

Check your sources

Chief economist of the Canadian Labour Congress hopes NDP platform will be as good as Green

Choose a candidate for Toronto-Danforth federal by-election

Choose our candidate

Choose our local executive

Chris Tindal and Elizabeth May all in one event

Chris Tindal introduces Glen Murray

Chris Tolley

Cities for Life 2007

Citizen’s Environment Watch 2007 Open House

Climate Action Network praises the Green Party platform

Climate change and the coming energy crisis

Climate change and the coming energy crisis — What solutions are most promising?

Climate change being ignored: Gore

Climate change conference

Climate Change Conference 2010 poster

Climate change rally and teach-in

Climate Change Toronto Meetup

Climate change: from inconvenient truth to political action

Climate Chaos organizing meeting

Climate Chaos organizing meeting

Climate justice tour

Climate progress

Climate Rally 2008

Climate Reality: Events with James Hansen and others

Climate science challenged but strong

Close Guantanamo

Coal climate showdown in Bangladesh: sign the petition

Coalition government is democratic

Come canvass for Frank de Jong this weekend

Community Environment Day

Community gardening workshop

Community meeting on Eastern Avenue big box development

Community safety forum

Community Water Fluoridation Event

Composting and vermicomposting workshop

Concert in memory of John O’Keefe

Condolences to Jack Layton’s family

Conference Board recommends considering a guaranteed income

Confidence vote?

Congratulations to Craig Scott and Thomas Mulcair

Connecting the environment to social justice

Conozca a la candidata por el Partido Verde

Constantine Kritsonis, nomination contestant

Consulting with our community!

Container gardening for beginners workshop

COP16 — And the news is…

COP16 — Canada wants a legally binding agreement to do nothing

COP16 — Canadian youth fed up

COP16 — Green family breakfast

COP16 — Hope for the holidays

COP16 — Hope, fear and tears

COP16 — Pembina Institute

COP16 — Sad and uplifting moments

COP16 — Sitting tight

COP16 — Youth Day

COP16 — Canada encouraging inaction in climate negotiations

Corporate responsibility panel discussion

Corporate welfare

Countdown to Copenhagen

Culture Days at Riverdale Hub

D8 — Climate change rally, march and eco-fair

Dance for the climate

Danforth Greens pub night

Danforth Greens pub night

Danforth Greens pub night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens pub night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night

Danforth Greens Pub Night: Senior Policy Adviser Deborah Coyne

Danforth Greens Pub Night: sustainable architect Paul Dowsett

Daniel Lerch on post-carbon cities

Darwin’s Nightmare — A Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Davenport Green Party AGM

David Hughes on the Future of Energy

David Suzuki & Stephen Lewis

David Suzuki at UofT

David Suzuki supports the carbon tax

Day 2: What’s the problem with coalitions?

Day 3: Waiting and preparing

Day 4: Frustrations

Day 5: My registration papers are in

Day 6: Cards have arrived

Day 7: Fantastic party

Day 8: Getting into the swing

Day 9: So tired

Day of climate action including dinner and a movie

Day of Democracy

Debate party

Deborah Coyne, PEC and Kyoto

Defend per-vote funding

Demand Democratic Debates Rally

Demand improvements to the elephant exhibit at the Toronto Zoo

Demand Kyoto action protest planning group

Demo at the debate: Support democracy

Democracy in action

Democracy watch gives Green Party the best grade for ethics reforms

Dinner with Elizabeth May

Discovering the identity of our 2015 Conservative candidate

Diversity bookmark, 2011 campaign

Don Mouth Vision threatened again

Don Watershed Plan Public Workshop

Donna Dillman day 52

Donna Dillman ends her hunger strike

Donna Dillman update; march this Thursday

Doomsday clock now 5 minutes to midnight

Door-to-door canvassing card, 2011

Dozens walk out on Canada

Dr. Al Bartlett talks about exponential growth

Draw out the vote with Young Greens

Durban climate negotiations update

DVP smog

Запознајте се со кандидатот на Партијата на Зелените: Адриана Мугнато-Хаму




E-bikes and hybrids — a personal journey

E. May at uranium rally

Earth 2100 film screening

Earth Day

Earth Day event: Clean up the Danforth this Saturday

Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2012

East Toronto Climate Action Group meeting

East Toronto Community Coalition

East Toronto Community Coalition

East York Soccer Club winds up season

Easter egg hunt

Eastview all-candidates meeting on supports to families

Ecco il candidato del Partito Verde

Ed Chin’s campaign website

Edward Burtynsky is Worldchanging

Edward Chin, Ward 30 City Council candidate

Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid 2010

Election date

Election night party

Election-night party

Electoral reform town hall

Electric and hybrid auto technologies and environmental impacts

Electric cars

Electric cars not allowed in Canada

Eliminate poverty

Elizabeth at Hart House

Elizabeth May — our not so secret weapon

Elizabeth May and Monbiot debate Lomborg and Lord Lawson

Elizabeth May answers questions about the Green Party

Elizabeth May at climate change talks

Elizabeth May book launch

Elizabeth May cutting down trees with a chainsaw

Elizabeth May debates the press

Elizabeth May is running in London Centre North

Elizabeth May lecture in Brantford

Elizabeth May losing confidence

Elizabeth May on developments in Egypt

Elizabeth May on what was overlooked

Elizabeth May One-on-One with Peter Mansbridge

Elizabeth May releases Green platform

Elizabeth May should have been heard

Elizabeth May talks to Post Carbon Toronto

Elizabeth May tonight

Elizabeth May whistle-stop 2006

Elizabeth May whistle-stop tour 2008

Elizabeth May whistle-stop tour in Toronto

Elizabeth May’s whistlestop update 2006

Elizabeth on Bonn climate negotiations

Elizabeth on removing per-vote subsidy

Elizabeth’s campaign donors

Elizabeth’s first statement in Parliament

Energy and the Ontario provincial election

Energy issues in provincial byelection in Parkdale-High Park

Energy shortages and silly solutions in the tar sands

Enjoy the day with your family

Enkutatash! Melkam Addis Amet

Enshrine the right

Ensure every vote counts

Environment and Climate in Peril

Environment Day

Environmental and Sustainability Education for all Citizens – Are We Making Progress?

Environmental debate post-mortem

ETCAG’s November meeting

Ethiopian Friday with Frank de Jong

EU links climate change with security

Even deniers admit climate change is real

Every vote should count

Everyone cares…

Everything you always wanted to know about how to win an election*

Expand income splitting

Expanding tropics

Exploring the soil food web and compost tea workshop

Exxon shares record profits with scientists

Fair Vote Canada Annual Meeting

Farmers’ markets 2009 — with map

Farmers’ markets 2008

Federal and provincial AGMs

Federal nomination meeting

Federation of Canadian Municipalities applauds Green Party’s support for cities

First Green MP?

Fiscally responsible and socially progressive

Five things you can do for your river

Flaherty expects manufacturing sector to shrink

Flooding in First Nations communities

Flore Incense

Flow batteries article in The Star

Flow batteries sold to firm Irish windfarm

Flowers on a lamp post

Fluoride fora, afternoon and evening

Flyering for a new voting system

Food crises ahead

Food crisis looms

Food from Small Spaces Fair: Urban Backyard, Balcony, and Rooftop Food-Growing

For our youth …

Forum on Poverty Reduction

Four strong green women

Frank de Jong BBQ party

Free screening and discussion of award-winning documentary “Climate Refugees”

From the grandparents

From toilet to tap

Fundraising concert at the Renaissance Cafe

Fundraising schedule

Garth Turner endorses Elizabeth May

Gặp Gỡ Ứng Cử Viên Đảng Xanh

Geothermal heat and insulation

Get a chocogram for your valentine

Get well soon, Jack

Get wild in Toronto Centre, and my new position

Giant peace sign

Giving thanks

Glen Murray: How much time? JustEarth townhall

Glimmers of hope

Global day for Darfur

Global day of action on climate change

Global Day of Action on Climate Change

Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Global dimming, more global warming

Global Leadership flyer, 2011

Global uprisings are all about the end of growth

Global Warming — St. Lawrence Centre Forum

Global warming worse than thought

Go Green with Rachel Power

Good health and happiness in 2011

Gordon Crann — Public School Trustee candidate in Toronto-Danforth

Gordon Laxer at City Hall

GPO 2006 AGM

GPO Executive elections in Toronto-Danforth 2007 May 30

GPO Summer Summit

Great Riverdale yard sale

Green Choices for Faith Communities

Green cleaning solutions for dirty politics

Green Drinks

Green gains

Green Garden Party Fundraiser with Elizabeth May

Green gardening in full bloom

Green growth or stability?

Green Living Show

Green Living Show 2008 — What did you miss?

Green Living Show 2009 and green living in Toronto-Danforth

Green Order of Danforth

Green paperclip

Green Party at 18% and rising in Ontario

Green Party calls for renewed focus on equality on International Women’s Day

Green Party Convention

Green Party economic stimulus package

Green Party of Canada Shadow Cabinet

Green Party of Canada: So much more!

Green Party of Ontario — Toronto-Danforth needs your help

Green Party of Ontario AGM

Green Party of Ontario Annual General Meeting 2008

Green Party of Ontario nomination meeting

Green Party policy on disabilities

Green Party Q & A

Green Party’s new population policy

Green pub night

Green Screens

Green Toronto Festival

Greenpeace recommendations

Greens Announce New Climate Change Critic

Greens have never supported any Portlands power plant

Greens welcome Global Campaign for Climate Action

Gross bias at the National Post


Guerilla Gardening 2007 Kickoff Meeting

Gwynne Dyer and Elizabeth May are finding hope

Happy birthday, Canada — 2009

Happy Canada Day 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Ethiopian New Year 2010

Happy Hanukkah 2007

Happy Hanukkah 2011

Happy holidays 2007

Happy Mother’s Day 2011

Happy Mother’s Day 2007

Happy Mother’s Day 2010

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2010

Happy Sikh Environment Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, Year of the Tiger

Hard landing or soft landing?

Hard questions for Margaret Wente

Harper fiddling while the world burns

Harper government attempting to sabotage global climate negotiations

Have a spooky Hallowe’en

Health bookmark, 2011 campaign

Health concerns about the Portlands power plant

Healthy Families flyer, 2011

Hear Frank de Jong debate the other party leaders

Hedging our bets

Hello, it’s Elena here…It’s about time I post something

Help free Bob Lovelace

High and Dry: the environmental cost of the tar sands

Holiday spirit and climate action

Home efficiency info session

Home energy retrofit rebates

Homeless Response Alliance all-candidates meeting

Hope amid the gloom

Hot environmental issues & updates

Hot or not? Canada’s post-Kyoto strategy for tackling global warming

How about a Garage Sale next weekend?

How democracy fails the environment

How Much Time? Urgent Priorities for Averting Climate Crisis

How to run a successful campaign

Human rights auction and the reasons we should support it

Humanity on the move due to climate

Hundreds protest global warming

I’m introducing my first postcard

I’m stepping down

I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson

Identify & get out the vote

If you love this website…

IFAW’s Day of Action

Indigenous rights

Information meeting on planned Ashbridges Bay streetcar yard

International Day of Peace

International Women’s Day 2007

Introducing Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Introducing Andrew and Ed

Introducing our new executive

Introduction to my new tyrannical rein as CEO of the Toronto-Danforth EDA

Involving youth and their future

Is incineration an option?

Is Parliament broken?

Island Airport fight

Isn’t it lovely when we all play nice?

It’s confirmed: Canadians want May to debate

It’s Debate Night — tweet and post your support

It’s easy being green

It’s time for T-shirts

It’s time to take back democracy — a message from Sharon Howarth


Το Κόμμα των Πρασίνων Καναδά, στην περιφέρεια Τορόντο-Ντάνφορθ, παρουσιάζει την υποψήφιά μας

Jack Layton’s dangerous political game

Jack Layton’s empty seat

Jackman PS Annual Spring Fair

James Hoggan on the climate cover-up

Jane Farrow campaign office opening meet and greet

Jeffrey Simpson nails the Canadian stance on climate change

Jim Harris and Green Party of Canada blogs

Jim Harris at Post Carbon

Jim Harris’s convenient slideshow

Jim Harris: Green is profitable

John Baird thinks it’s a bad idea to save money on gas

John Tory is still determined to sue First Nations

John Tory would sue First Nations

Join the Spring cleanup

Join Tim Whalley’s volunteer team

Join us for Pride 2010

Join women on the bridge

Justice for a dying planet

Karen Buck

Keep us from ourselves

Kensington Festival of Lights 2007

Kids are our future

Kids’ drawing contest: bikes on Bloor

Large is the new medium

Last day for 2011 Vegetarian food fair today

Latest date to announce Toronto-Danforth by-election

Laugh till you’re Green

Le parti vert du Canada de Toronto-Danforth vous présente sa candidate Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Leslieville Tree Fest

Let us debate

Let’s do the right thing in Copenhagen

Life, Money and Illusion

Lifting PM Harper’s fog around climate change

Linda Diebel blogs Adriana

London North Centre results

London victory

Looking forward to meeting you

Love Your Water! Community Watershed Stewardship Day

Low-carbon campaign challenge

Lunch with Elizabeth May

Ma maman est dans L’Express

Making democracy work

Making transit dollars go a long way

Mapping Local Landscapes — Community Approaches to Peace

March Pub Night!

Mary Ann’s Fabulous Campaign School

May democracy return to Honduras

May in your house

May-Day affair

Mayor Miller’s Clean Up Day at Taylor Creek

Mea culpa

Meet Adriana over a glass of beer

Meet and gab

Meet City Council candidates

Meet Elizabeth May at Byzantium on Pride Tuesday

Meet me at my house

Meet the candidates

Meet Tim Whalley and hear Mike Schreiner

Mike McLean, nomination contestant

Mike Nagy will have to settle for being Canada’s second Green MP

Mike Schreiner congratulates Greens

Mike Schreiner on The Agenda

Missa Gaia

Missing Al Gore? Drink green

Mock the vote

Momentous times

Monbiot and biochar

Monbiot on why flying kills

Monbiot: Stop building tanks

More action against Keystone XL pipeline

More good news…

More nuclear woes

Moving Planet: Green Energy Field Day


Multifaith Peace Walk

Multilingual flyers

My conscience demands it

My tears streamed…

National GreenBuilding conference

Natural gas and oil supplies

Nature walk along the Don

NDP chooses cars over climate, again

NDP leader stifles democracy … again

New federal association executive for 2008

New Green Party of Canada logo

New start time for Toronto-Danforth all-candidates debate

Next Green Drinks meeting

Nguyên tắc

Nine reasons for voting Green

No debate: Elizabeth belongs in the debates

No solace if climate science is wrong

Nomination contestant: Andrew James

Nomination contestant: Charles Battershill

Nomination contestant: Rebecca Wood

Nomination meeting

Nomination meeting

Nomination speech, part 1

Not with a bang but a whimper

Nous présentons notre candidate

November 2006 Toronto volunteers

Nuclear plan transmission line?

Nuclear power is too expensive

Observations from a young Green on the eve of the election

Occupied Economies: Designing Solutions to Global Problems

Ocean burp hazard

Oh, so that’s why he withdrew from Kyoto

Oil Companies as Environmental Stewards

Old events

Omar Khadr and responsibility

On gun control, Conservatives not so tough on crime

One brave Green supports Canadians who question continued military engagement in Libya

One Green is worth 16 Conservatives

Only candidate who stayed to the end

Ontario advance polls close

Ontario advance polls open

Ontario climate act petition

Ontario election day

Ontario election leaders’ debate 2014

Ontario Green Party candidate nomination meeting

Ontario NDP joining Jack Layton to help roast the planet and hurt the poor

Ontario’s (nuclear) energy future

Ontario’s new climate change czar

Ontario’s nuclear plans

Order your lawn sign now!

Our children deserve better

Our children deserve better

Our convention delegation

Our new leader — Elizabeth May

Our not so cozy relationship with the Liberals

Pangea Day

Party ’til you drop

Patrick Kraemer hosts Live Earth party

Patrick Kraemer’s campaign team meeting

Peak oil ride

PEC CLC has an unpromising beginning

PEC committee walkout / transmission line woes

PEC pipeline petition

Pee in the shower

Pembina Institute praises the Green Party platform

People’s Assembly on Climate Justice

Perception vs. Green Politics (or My First Political Convention)

Percy vs Monsanto

Perhaps we should hunt the whalers

Peter Russell clarifies on coalitions and electing Parliament

Peter Tabuns’s energy forum

Petition against dolphin slaughter

Phase out carbon emissions

Photos of Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Picked up my “campaign shoes” from shoemaker. I’m ready!

Plan for the planet?

Planet in Focus — Toronto Environmental Film Festival

Planning cities for the young and old

Play-in in a destruction zone

Please help release President Nasheed of the Maldives

Please put yourself forward

Pledge TO Green

Pledge TO Green photos

Polite Elizabeth, Rude Jake

Political Change for a Climate in Crisis

Politics of Food — St Lawrence Centre Forum

Polls are open for Earth Day

Portlands Energy Centre

Portlands Energy Centre community concrete pour

Portlands Energy Centre deal signed

Portlands Energy Centre public meeting

Portlands soil and the Don Mouth

Portlands Solar Park

Portlands under threat, again

Post Carbon Toronto Meetup: Kyoto is dead — now what?

Post Carbon Toronto: Transit City is Dead — Now What?

Potential GPO leadership review

Poverty and climate change

Poverty and climate change

Power down for Blackout Day

Power of one

Power to Choose

Power to Choose at U of T

Powering The Future

Predicting looming threats to humankind from climate change and energy shortage

Press release: Climate Change Conference

Prevent a Harper majority

Pride Parade 2009 — Join us

Pride Parade pics 2009






Priorities for Ontario

Progress on climate change!

Project Neutral in Withrow Park

Proposal: Allow notice by email, phone

Protest trade in dog & cat fur

Proud to vote: LGBTQ issues in the federal election

Pub crawl

Pub night

Pub night


Public health care threatened again

Q&A with Rachel in the Riverdaler

Rally against uranium mining

Rally for democracy with Elizabeth May

Rally for Kyoto

Rally for Kyoto pictures

Ramadan mubarak

Rare praise for the Harper Conservatives

Raymond Scholz, nomination contestant

RCMP election rigging

Reclaim Earth Day

Recommendations for Ontario’s Climate Change Plan

Redesigned lawn sign

Reduce local asthma

Register now for Climate Change Conference 2010 and save

Remembrance Day 2009

Remembrance Day 2011

Remove subsidies

Renewable power isn’t just safer than nuclear, it’s cheaper

Report first, ask questions later

Report from Central Nova

Report on Cancún

Resilience bookmark, 2011 campaign

Results: Isolated Canada grudgingly accepts Bali deal

Rick Mercer exposes radical groups

Rick Mercer spoofs the Green Party

Ride for Renewables

Riding association AGMs

Riding Association AGMs

Riding executive endorses Jane Farrow

Riverdale Art Walk

Riverdale Hospital: endangered architecture?

Riverdale Share Concert

Royal Canadian Legion Bake and Yard Sale

Running for the Green Party

Salmon in the Don again

Save Cherry Beach

Save money and the planet at the same time!

Save the bears

Scary news

Science vs policy

Scrap OMB, return decisions to politicians

Second annual YIMBY festival

Second PEC CLC meeting doesn’t even happen

Second public consultation on gas pipeline for PEC

Send a message to Elizabeth May

Send a Valentine to Temagami

Sequestration “profoundly unfeasible”

Serving health and wealth

Sharon Howarth and Elizabeth May

Sharon Howarth in a minute

Sharon Howarth on Goldhawk Live

Sharon Howarth on the radio

Sharon Howarth wins the race…

Sharon in East Chinatown

Sharon in Little India

Shooting the messenger

Shopping local and GREEN can be easy

Shoreline cleanup

Should we meet Kyoto?

Sierra Club report card 2011

Sign onto KyotoPlus

Sign the CYCC petition on climate change

Signs of the times

Skeptics continue to fool Corcoran

Sledding and skating in Withrow Park

Sleepless bears

Smart Economy flyer, 2011

Smart growth in Ontario

So let’s put nuclear power to rest already

So we all agree on one thing, then … our electoral system needs fixing

Solar & Conservation Fair on the Lakeshore

Solar Neighbourhoods workshop at Danforth-Coxwell Library

Solar water heating at home info-session

Solar water workshop at East York Community Centre

Some inspiration on same-sex marriage

Sore loser

South Asia Festival 2010

Special screening: The Economics of Happiness in Toronto

St Patrick’s Day activities

St Patrick’s reverb

St Patrick’s Day

St Paul’s nomination meeting

St. Lawrence Forum on tax shifting

Status report from the East Toronto Community Coalition

Steps toward building a renewable future

Steve Munro: The Future of Transit in the GTA (cancelled)

Stinking waste and what to do with it

Stop Climate Change talk

Stop climate chaos

Stop online censorship

Stop the Portlands power plant — site

Stop the Portlands power plant — video

Strategic voting not sound, says May

Strategic voting or democratic failure

Straw bale & sustainable building

Straw bales at Grassroots

Streetcar troubles

Streetcar update

Strong Communities flyer, 2011

Student volunteer opportunities

Summer Solstice Wildflower Day

Sunday in the park with Andrew

Sunshine Walk for Climate Justice

Support a lasting peace in Sri Lanka

Support climate activists opposing Keystone XL pipeline for tarsands oil

Support Rachel with a lawn sign

Support the coalition

Support wind power in Toronto

Surviving peak oil

Sustainability and food

Sustainable Energy Fair at UofT FREE

SUVs for the climate

Sympathy and best wishes to Japan

Take back Earth Day

Take the Tooker

Talk to Andy Trotter

Tax-shifting is empowering

TEC inspirations

Telephone town hall with Elizabeth May, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Televised debate on Rogers

Tell Jack Layton to talk to Elizabeth May

Tell the City what you want at the mouth of the Don

Tell the City what you want at the mouth of the Don — finalists

Thank you — looking forward to 2015

Thank you — you are great!

Thank-You Danforth Greens

Thanks to all my supporters

Thanksgiving solar potluck

The “Great Lakes Need Great Friends” tour

The 2009 Green Living Show

The aftermath of a peaceful protest

The Big Picture

The biggest health threat

The city’s goofy transit plan

The dangers of fracking

The denial machine

The emperor has no clothes — why I am a candidate #1

The end of fish?

The Federal NDP Climate Change Plan

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure

The Greek ladies who cut my hair…

The Green Living Show

The Green Party vision

The increasing devastation of climate change

The joy of walking (life without a car)

The Leslieville-Riverdale Tree Project

The need for political change

The Next Generation screens “The Refugees of the Blue Planet”

The only wasted vote is a false vote

The opportunity before us

The PEC threat

The Power of Community

The Price of Carbon

The price of carbon

The problem with debts

The problem with the NDP

The question of direction

The question of direction

The story of stuff

Think Big. Expect better. Vote Green.

This blog is for you

This month’s featured video

Three Brazilian Portuguese interviews

Three percent in Copenhagen

Tim DeChristopher convicted in Utah

Tim Flannery in Toronto

Tim Whalley — bio and priorities

Tim Whalley to speak at Toronto-Danforth Education Debate

Tim Whalley’s deputation at City Hall

Tipping points 2006

To offset or not to offset

To the cyclists out there…

Together we can shake up Parliament and double the Green voice

Tommy Thompson Park Spring Bird Festival

Tooker Gomberg 2007 memorial

Top ten reasons to vote Green

Toronto Art Festival: Regenerate

Toronto Chinese Archway grand opening ceremony

Toronto Community Environment Days

Toronto Eco-Chase 2011

Toronto Greens at Pride

Toronto Greens public statement on fighting gun crime

Toronto Mayor David Miller suggests Green Party is best for Toronto, cities

Toronto peak oil discussion group September meetup

Toronto-Danforth 2008 results

Toronto-Danforth 2011 all-candidates debate on Rogers TV

Toronto-Danforth all-candidates debate 2011

Toronto-Danforth all-candidates meeting

Toronto-Danforth all-candidates meeting

Toronto-Danforth candidate card, 2010

Toronto-Danforth candidate chosen

Toronto-Danforth candidates for 2011

Toronto-Danforth candidates Q&A

Toronto-Danforth canvassing team for Elizabeth

Toronto-Danforth GPO organizing meeting

Toronto-Danforth Greens photo contest

Toronto-Danforth riding boundaries map

Toronto-Danforth riding profile on CPAC

Toronto–Danforth Federal Green Party Association Constitution

Total decarbonization

Towards genuine democracy

Town Hall with Elizabeth May, Georges Laraque & Adriana

Town Hall with Jack Layton

Town hall: Action on climate change through electoral reform

Transit bookmark, 2011 campaign

Transition Toronto’s “Financial Literacy” workshop

Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil

Tree planting at Cherry Beach

True Democracy flyer, 2011

TTC posters

Turn off your electricity for the planet

Turning into a pumpkin

Turns out penguins can fly

Um, pass the salt


Unwanted paper flyers

Update on Honduras

Upoznajte se sa kandidatom Zelene partije

Urban Agriculture and Food Security

Urban forest orientation session

Urban issues policy conference

US climate change action soon

ملیئے گرین پارٹی کی امیدوار سے: اینڈریان مگنیٹو ہامو

Video of the Toronto-Danforth federal all-candidates debate, 2011

Violent crime and gun control

Volunteer your fruit tree or your fruit picking skills…

Volunteering in a Green Party election

Vote for Clean Energy

Vote for the Internet campaign

Vote for tomorrow

Vote for your kids

Vote Frank — for Charlie

Vote YES to MMP

Voter fatigue

Wading Deeper: The future of deep lake water cooling

Wal-Town: The Film

Walk the Don

Want to plant some trees in South Riverdale?

Ward 30 race gets tighter

Watch “Home” and be inspired

Watch birds on the Spit

Watch your gas

Water and leadership

Water, water everywhere

We are so screwed

We can’t afford to drop heating costs

We need to address senior poverty

We’re number one! We’re number one!

We’re third and rising


Welcome to our newsletter

Welcome to the nuclear renaissance

Well that didn’t take long

West Don Lands community update meeting

Whack the PM

What I learned about the basics of the Green Party

What I read today (coming home on the TTC from YorkU)

What is in the air you are breathing?

What to do on Earth Hour

Where are the other leaders?

Where do I vote?

Where we stand — message from Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harris

Who Cares if Bangladesh Drowns?

Who is killing Copenhagen?

Who needs clean water, anyway?

Who needs growth?

Who scored the highest marks for their Arts platform?

Who we are

Who will be our next candidate?

Why dismiss Worthington

Why I know the Green Party is a Force

Why is that little girl in a pantsuit?

Why reform Canada’s electoral system?

Why the economy is shrinking and what to do about it

Why the Green Party is essential

Why the tar sands will close

Why volunteering in an election is actually fun

Wide agreement that energy must be expensive


Wind energy — Is the price too high?

Wish Elizabeth a speedy recovery

Withrow Park cleanup

Withrow Park farmers’ market photos

Women’s Day Greetings 2011

Working together for our community

World ready for lifestyle changes, tax shifting

World Water Day

World Water Day 2011

Worldchanging Toronto at the Berkeley

Yard Sale for the Cure

YEP PEC debate

Yes In My Back Yard Festival

Yes, in my back yard!

Young Chris Tindal had a farm

Young Greens weekend blitz

Your events and contributions

Your Food, Your Choice: The Promise of Organic

Your Sister’s Market







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