The 2009 Green Living Show

Green Living ShowIt’s been 3 years since the first Green Living Show was held and it’s amazing how quickly the word “green” has gone from the color of grass to a whole way of life. This year well over 150 exhibitors demonstrated how small things done everyday makes a huge impact on the world’s environment.

The Green Party of Canada was very visible down at booth #1808.  Volunteers manned the booth over the three days.  Lots of people signed up to be Green Party of Ontario and/or members Green Party of Canada members. Our message continues to resonate with voters who are actively becoming involved in politics — many for the very first time.

Because Green Living is the way of the future, our present day politicians were front and centre when it came to saying a few words. Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mayor David Miller were two along with the CEO & President of Ontario Hydro David O’Brien. Entertainment was supplied by the likes of Murray McLaughlin and Louise Kent and the speakers were as far ranging as Marc Kielburger author of the book ME TO WE: FINDING MEANING IN A MATERIAL WORLD to Stephen Lewis, who 20 years ago chaired the first international conference on Climate Change.

All these notables took a back seat though to the life changing ideas that were found throughout the booths at the Green Living Show.

Toyota, GM and Lexus were there with their newest hybrid cars; Loblaw a leader in environmentally friendly products had a booth along with Samsung, Sanyo and Home Depot.

Solar power, wind power, bicycle transportation, hand gliding-  it was all represented at the Green Living Show. And that’s what makes this show such an eye opener. In every walk of life there’s something you can change to make this world a greener place to live, all it takes is time and a conscious commitment by people like you and me.

by Bob Cook
1st time volunteer at this year’s Green Living Show booth

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