2007 Feb 14: The question of direction

From Mike Nickerson:

Why, when today’s greatest problems result from the scale of human activity, do business and government aim to perpetuate expansion?

The short answer to the opening question is that governments and businesses have always aimed for expansion.

Given that we are disrupting the Earth’s ability to support the next generation, however, custom and tradition are not good enough reasons for continuing in that direction.

Expansion may have been good in the past, but it will end civilization if we do not alter course and aim for sustainability.

You are invited to help deliver the wake up call, and to find out how much we have to gain from looking to living for satisfaction, rather than to accumulation and consumption.

Life, Money & Illusion and the Question of Direction
A Discussion about Reclaiming the Future
Saturday, 2007 February 14,  4 – 6 pm
Transformative Learning Centre
The Peace Lounge at OISE
252 Bloor Street West

If you can’t make this event, it will be repeated the next day.

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