2009 Sep 12: Toronto Chinese Archway grand opening ceremony

There’s an important and fun event in the park across the street from my house tomorrow.  From the Toronto-Chinese-Archway.com website (see also photos):

After almost ten years of hard work of the committee, the “Zhong Hua Men” dream will come true to the Chinese community!

To celebrate this memorable moment, there will be a grand opening ceremony at Riverdale Park on September 12th, 2009.

There will be many different traditional Chinese performances at Riverdale Park, such as Lion Dance, singing performance, Chinese Dance, Chinese Opera and Kung Fu.  There will also be food booths and other vendors at the event.

This free event is open to everyone, to help us celebrate the ultimate goal of Zhong Hua Men: to gain harmony and unity between different ethnic communities.

Zhong Hua Men Grand Opening Ceremony
(just west of East Chinatown at the gate itself)
Sunday, 2009 September 12, 1 pm
573 Gerrard St E (at Hamilton, just west of Broadview)

Zhong Hua Men Grand Opening Celebration
(both before and after the ceremony, in the park just north)
Sunday, 2009 September 12, 11 am – 6 pm
Riverdale Park (south end near Gerrard and Broadview)

中華門 隆重的開幕儀式

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  1. Betty Wu-Lawrence writes:

    Congratulations to all who love the Broadview Gerrard neighborhood. You have grown from the concerned neighbors during the 1994 conflict on garbage disposal among East Chinatown merchants to harmonious villagers.

    Betty Wu-Lawrence

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