All-candidates debate

Thursday, 2012 March 15, 7pm – 9pm
Don Mills United Church, 126 O’Connor Ave (at Pape)

Join us at an all-candidates debate on March 15th. This is your chance to listen to the candidates debate key issues and answer your questions. Come meet Adriana and the other candidates.

Above, video of full event courtesy of David Langer.

Below, offsets to Adriana’s bits:

  1. What brought me to politics was concern for our children.
  2. We don’t need warrantless surveillance.
  3. I will vote my conscience 100% of the time.
  4. Parliament lacks a voice for future generations.
  5. We need a better way of measuring progress.
  6. Nuclear is not fast enough to solve climate change.
  7. Explaining climate science to Turmel; asking Dorian to sing.
  8. A Green vote will sent the strongest message to all parties.

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